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SGN's Holiday Special

Unsure of what games to buy? Don't want to read the reviews? Well we knew some of you would be unsure what to buy and don't have the time to read the reviews for all of the games. We at SGN put together a holiday guide which includes our Top 10 sports videogames on the market this holiday shopping season.

1.Links LS 99 (PC)
With its unprecedented combination of graphics, gameplay options, course offerings, playability and difficulty variation, Links LS '99 is simply the best PC golf sim currently available on the market.
2.Grand Prix Legends (PC)
A triumph. The latest effort from Papyrus accurately simulates the 1967 Grand Prix racing season, with overpowered cars; hard, grooved tires; and no aerodynamics. What it really is, though, is a labor of love. GPL is one of the most frustrating, most compelling, most beautiful games ever. In my opinion, this is the best game I have ever played. Not the best sports game of the year, or even the best game of the year. It is the single best game I have ever played.
3. FIFA 99 (PC, PSX)
FIFA 99 is the complete package. Combining terrific presentation, graphics, audio, and gameplay, with unsurpassed depth, it is sure to keep soccer fans satisfied for some time to come.
4. NCAA 99 (PC, PSX)
You ever have that warm cozy feeling when something goes right, when something approaches, beats all expectations, and gives you that fix you have been yearning for? You'd have a winner on your hands--like NCAA Football 99. The gameplay is tight, the graphics are advanced, and the sounds are real
5. Madden 99 (PC, PSX)
Despite some obvious shortcomings, the sports game I've played more than any other this year. The challenging AI, terrific animations, and addictive franchise mode put it over the top. If only EA had programmed a more consistent and effective CPU rushing attack.
6. Front Office Football (PC) >> Buy Online!
Think the days of honest-to-goodness sports simulations are long gone? Not hardly! Solecismic Software's Front Office Football is a great single-player pro football General Manager sim, that - with some maturing - could become the next classic. Drag out your old Pentium 90, throw away your 3D graphics and audio boards, and dig into what could have been titled, How to Buy and Sell the Greediest Men on Earth for Fun and Profit!
7. Gran Turismo (PSX)
The king of all Playstation racing games. With its astonishing number of cars. tracks and options, this is one game that no one - racing fan or not - should be without.
8. NFL Blitz (N64)
NFL Blitz takes the term acrade play to its extreme! No rules, season mode, play editor in the N64 version makes this game a great buy for anyone looking for an easy and fun game to play!
9. High Heat (PC)
When it comes right down to it, there is no finer baseball game you can play on your PC. Are the graphics a little lackluster? Sure. Are the outdated rosters disappointing? Without a doubt. Does any game do a better job of presenting not just the appearance of baseball, but also its strategies, its beauty, and its rhythms? No. High Heat is as good as it gets. Can't wait for HH 2000.
10. Need for Speed 3 (PC,PSX)
I'm a sucker for a great racer, and NFS3 filled the bill. Arguably the best arcade racing game available for the PSX. Great looks and the incredibly fun Pursuit mode are the icing on the cake.

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