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Hockey Index

NHL Checks

>> Complete Listings of Hockey Reviews      >> Complete Listings of Hockey Previews

NHL Rivals 2004 - Microsoft Sports
NHL Rivals 2004 is the Microsoft Game Studios inaugural National Hockey League title for the Xbox. This dramatic hockey simulation immerses gamers into one of the most realistic and exciting hockey experiences ever created. With more than 700 in-game, motion-captured animations, hockey fans will be able to take one-timers, blast slap shots, and dish out the big body checks, just like real NHL superstars.
NHL 2004 - EA Sports
The number one selling NHL® interactive video game franchise continues a tradition of excellence in its 12th year with NHL 2004. This year's game includes a new fight system, new hitting animations, and complete right analog stick control with improved deking and hitting that makes it the most physical hockey game ever. With a significantly enhanced EA SPORTS™ Dynasty Mode™, the addition of three new international elite leagues, and all new commentary from Craig Simpson, NHL 2004 puts players in the rink for authentic hockey competition.
ESPN Hockey - SEGA Sports
ESPN Hockey is more than just the game of hockey. It is true grit, true skills, true intensity and your ability to bring those elements to each and every match-up you face. It is taking on anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is feeling the impact of a precision hit and splitting the D with a skilled skater. It is the battle for the puck and the glory of burying it in the back of the net. It is achieving milestones and setting the standard for others to follow. It is everything you'd want in a hockey game and nothing you'd expect. ESPN Hockey - true to the NHL.
NHL Hitz Pro - Midway Sports
This year Midway Sports has turned up the critically acclaimed hockey series NHL Hitz up a notch. All new 5-on-5 play, including rules and line changes is the backbone of NHL Hitz Pro.
NHL FaceOff 2004 - 989 Sports
989 Sports has decided not to release a 2004 version of NHL FaceOff.
Review: NHL FaceOff 2003 PS2
We have a review of NHL FaceOff 2003 up. 11/25/02

Review: NHL 2K3 PS2
We have a review of Sega Sports' NHL 2K3 PS2 up. 12/16/02

Screen Shots: NHL 2003 PC
We posted 39 screen shots of NHL 2003 for the PC.

Review: NHL 2002 Xbox The NHL series has been a roller coaster franchise. The past few years have been a downer for the series. But NHL 2002 returns the title to its former glory. The graphics (though EA definitely needs to work on better camera angles in future releases) and sound provide a nice hockey atmosphere, but the key to the game is the balance of arcade and sim elements of the gameplay. The game is flat out fun to play, which is what counts the most.

Review: NHL Hitz 20-02 PS2 Featuring hard hitting, over-the-top, 4-on-4 arcade action, Hitz is a truckload of fun at first, especially in its excellent multiplayer mode. We have a review of Midway's latest over-the-top sport release, NHL Hitz 20-02.

nhl2002 Review : NHL 2002 (PC) : Last year EA Sports surprised a lot of people with NHL 2001. After years of taking an arcade approach to ice hockey, EA Sports finally took a step towards making their hockey series a realistic simulation. How is this year's offering? Take me to the review!

Editorial : The Perfect Hockey Game Revisited : About two years ago our own Joe McGinn wrote a column entitled The Perfect Hockey Game where he outlined three major areas where hockey games needed improvement in order to make them more realistic: physics, AI, and momentum. Well, its been two years, and Lavan Chandran follows up with his own column entitled The Perfect Hockey Game Revisited. Take me to the editorial!

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