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Boxing & Wrestling Index

>> Complete Listings of Fighting Reviews      >> Complete Listing of Fighting Previews

Preview: Fight Night 2004 PS2 & Xbox
We added information and screens of Fight Night 2004 by EA Sports. 12/12/03

Preview: Rocky Xbox
We added 21 new Xbox screens up along with 2 new movies. 10/21/02

Review: KO Kings 2002 PS2
We put up a review of KO Kings 2002 for the PS2.8/9/02

Preview: WWE Smackdown PS2
We have a preview of THQ's latest wrestling game along with 16 screens. 7/15/02

Preview: Wrestlemania X8 Gamecube Hot! THQ just sent over 14 screen shots of their upcoming Gamecube WWF title, Wrestlemania X8. Be sure to give the screens a look!

Review: WWF is Raw Xbox We have a review of the first wrestling game for the Xbox. Can this title make someone go out and get an Xbox? Read our review to see for yourself.

Review: Victorious Boxing PS2 Boxing games on the PS2 are few and far between and have generally not captured the hearts of die-hard boxing fans. VB may fall short in terms of graphics and options, but the bread-and-butter of any game, the gameplay, is outstanding. You won't find a better, more enjoyable boxing game than this.

Screen Shots: Knockout Kings 2002 PS2 & Xbox We recently posted the features of Knockout Kings 2002. We now have screen shots for both the Playstation 2 and Xbox verson up!

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