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Other Sports Index

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Review: SSX 3 Xbox
We have a review of SSX 3 Xbox by Cliff O'Neill up.11/16/03

Review: Freestyle Metal X PS2
We have a review of Freestyle Metal X by Cliff O'Neill up.11/5/03

Review: SX Superstar Xbox
We have a review of Acclaim's SX Superstar for the Xbox up. 9/30/03

Screens: Tennis Series Masters 2003
30 New Tennis Series Masters Xbox are available. 8/11/02

Review: Freekstyle PS2
We have a review of EA Big's Freekstyle up for the PS2.7/26/02

E3 2002: E3 to the Extreme Article
Our Cliff O'Neill is back from this year's E3 in LA and has a nice article summary of this year's extreme sports showcase.

Review: Amped Freestyle Snowboarding Xbox Amped Freestyle Snowboarding is a must buy for anyone interested in snowboarding. Overall, this game gives a good accurate portrayal of the sport. No question about it, Amped Freestyle Snowboarding is the most addictive snowboarding title on the market today for any system.

Review: ESPN X-Games Snowboarding 2002 PS2 Winter X Games Snowboarding 2002 will mostly appeal to hardcore fans of snowboarding and those who enjoyed the first version. Although the game does have unrealistic elements and some arcade-like qualities, it is the most realistic snowboarding game currently available for the PS2 (along with the original X Games Snowboarding).

Hands-on Preview: Sled Storm 2 PS2 We have a hands-on preview of EA Big's newest title, Sled Storm 2 for the Playstation 2.

Review: Jonny Moseley Mad Trix PS2 Let's cut right to the chase: Jonny Moseley Mad Trix is one of the worst action-sports games available for the PS2. Front runner for worst game of the year award?

Screen Shots: ESPN X Games Snowboarding 2002 PS2 ESPN the Games returns with the second edition of its highly-popular snowboarding franchise, ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2002. We have 34 brand new screen shots of the game!

Review: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 PS2 Just when you thought it was safe to return to civilization after a yearlong session of Tony Hawk 2, Activision and developer Neversoft unleash Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, the definitive skateboarding game of 2001 and beyond. The tricks are wilder, the levels bigger and more interactive, and the features and options immeasurable.

Review: Sunny Garcia Surfing PS2 With this year's release of Sunny Garcia Surfing (SGS) for the PS2 and TransWorld Surf for the Xbox, followed by Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer and a PS2 port of TransWorld Surf in 2002, surfing games may finally catch a wave of success.

Review: SSX Tricky PS2 New gameplay elements, additional characters and levels, copious visual enhancements, and monstrous DTS surround sound help keep the SSX name in the spotlight and firmly atop the crowded mountain of snowboarding games.

Interview: Tennis Masters Series PC & PS2 Exclusive
A couple of weeks before the North American launch of Microids' Tennis Masters Series, Sports Gaming Network conducted an interview with, Mathieu Larivière, Lead Game Designer at Microids Canada.

Review : EA Sports Rugby (PS2): Developed by Creative Assembly, EA Sports Rugby is the first rugby game to be released in North America since EA Sports' Rugby World Cup 1995 on the Sega Genesis. And we have a review for you by someone who knows the game of Rugby. Click here for the review!

Preview : Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding (X-Box): We have 6 actual screen shots of gameplay from Microsoft's upcoming X-Box snowboarding title, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding. The title is scheduled to be available when the X-Box is released. Click here for the preview!

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