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About The Sports Gaming Network

"So, who are these guys, anyway?" we can almost hear you asking. We are a group of dedicated sports game players, who believe in giving you the straight truth about the latest and greatest games on the market.

What we are not:
We are not beholden to any gaming companies. What you read at SGN will be the unvarnished truth; never will we provide an opinion colored by which gaming company sent us a coffee mug last month.

We are not bound to any gaming platform. Excellent games exist on both the PC and the console platforms; we feel each one has strengths and we wish to celebrate those (while acknowledging any weaknesses).

We are not sitting in an unreachable ivory tower. What inspired us to create this site, among other things, was how strongly we value the "man on the street" feel of discussions in the newsgroups about what's cool and what's not. In the spirit of that community feel, we invite (and fervently hope for) the input of our readers. Tell us what we're doing right, tell us when we've dropped the ball, write your own review as a counterpoint to ours and submit it--this site needs a strong, informed readership to grow into the site we all know it can be.

We think you are part of what will grow to be an exciting, informative, and crucial touchstone in the sports gaming world...and we welcome you.

All opinions expressed within the SGN site are the opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of SGN as a whole.

If you would like us to preview or review a product, just drop us a line at

-Rick Worrell : Co-Founder of SGN

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