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ATV Offroad Fury (PS2) Preview

Background Info

ATV Offroad Fury is an exciting, all-terrain racing game that combines stunning graphics and huge free-roaming environments with more than 20 racing tracks and a hard, alternative soundtrack to provide gamers with an exhilarating and action-packed ATV racing experience. ATV Offroad Fury harnesses the power of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system to bring the true spirit of ATV racing to life in the most realistic ATV simulation yet.

Designed for one to four players, ATV Offroad Fury features more than 11 ATV models, six different event types and three styles of bikes to choose from. Players can select ATVs from top-notch manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. A garage feature allows players to customize their driving experience by tweaking options such as tire friction, shock reaction, steering and braking. In addition, gamers can personalize their experience further by changing the color of both their vehicle and their biking gear. ATV Offroad Fury's realistic physics engine blurs the line between reality and fantasy, forcing gamers to feel every bump, turn and crash in the terrain. ATV Offroad Fury also includes a stellar music lineup from popular hard rock artists including Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Primus adding to the emotionally-charged racing environment as the thrill of ATV racing comes to life on the PlayStation 2.

Key Features
Experience highly competitive racing including authentic stunts, realistic crashes and the most challenging group of ATV riders ever assembled. Huge free-roaming environments provide gamers the opportunity to truly race offroad with courses as large as 2 square miles in area. More than 20 racing tracks offer an abundance of diverse terrain environments. More than 11 ATV models from high-profile manufacturers such as Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Each bike offers performance ratings for Traction, Acceleration, Top Speed and Stability. KEY FEATURES (continued)

  • Tweak your ATV with the Garage feature to determine each bike's driving capabilities by changing options such as tire friction, shock reaction, steering and braking.
  • Edgy, hard rock soundtrack featuring Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Sevendust, Anthrax and Primus, amongst others.
  • Stunning graphics with extremely detailed landscapes that feature mountains, surface plants, foliage and AI riders.
  • Three different styles of bikes to choose from – two stroke, four stroke and 650 bikes.
  • Realistic physics engine forces gamers to feel every bump, turn and crash in the road.
  • Three different race modes including Practice, Single Race and Lap Attack.
  • Six different event types including:
    • Training Mode – This option allows players to practice their stunts, turns and braking abilities. Straightaways, hard turns and tons of jumps challenge the rider to learn the basics.
    • Cross-Country Enduro Series – Players can make their own way to the finish line by racing on-track or off-track in races that range from 2-10 laps, depending on user preference.
    • Freestyle Stunt Competitions – Players must complete stunts within a given timeframe to achieve the highest score. Environments are filled with hundreds of natural jumps, including small hills and mountains.
    • Stadium Supercross – This event features seven indoor stadium landscapes, which include 180-degree hairpin turns, outward banking-turn slopes and jumps. Races range from two to ten laps and are on-track racing only.
    • MAXXISâ Nationals – Real-life race courses that require players to complete laps rather than go through checkpoints. This event features 11 courses with on-track and off-track racing.
    • Pro Career – This challenging, long-term, single-player mode runs on the tracks that make up the MAXXIS Nationals and Stadium Supercross. It includes two groups of nine tracks called the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.
  • Waypoint Editor allows players to create their own races within a given environment.

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