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PGA Championship Golf
2000 (PC) Interview


Our Lee Crawford recently had a chance to interview Vance Cook, Founder and President of Headgate Studios.

8) What resolutions are supported with PGA Championship Golf 2000 and must the player still set the resolution from their desktop or can it be changed from within the game?

    PGA Championship Golf 2000 will play in any resolution you can put your computer into. If you can get to 2048 X 1536, you play it that way. You do still have to change your desktop resolution if you want to play in a different resolution that you normally run your computer in.

9) What improvements have been made to the course architect?

    The most major improvements to the Course Architect are in the point density, but there are a few others. We've added a few new libraries of structures including many more bridges, walls, and buildings. We've also added some new libraries of trees, textures, objects, and panoramas.

10) Are there any new course architect tools?

    There are no new course architect tools.

11) Are there any new camera views, like the popular "ball cam" of Tiger Woods 2000? ?

    PGA Championship Golf 2000 now ships with three SnapCams. If you choose, the camera will snap during the ball flight to the landing area, pin view, or hole view. This allows you to see the action near the landing area each shot without selecting a replay.

12) What about ball physics? What's been done to increase the realism of how the ball interacts with the terrain?

    The ball physics have received a lot of attention in PGA Championship Golf 2000. The ball collisions with the turf have been reworked to allow a realistic backing up of the ball. You can now see the ball bounce forward once or twice and then spin back when appropriate. Also, we've always used a real-world physics model, but now you can see it better than ever. The golf ball is now a real 3D ball with writing and a logo that you can see. You can watch a ball come into the green spinning, and then reverse its spin and release forward or continue to spin back. Now there is nothing like watching the ball roll toward the hole and slow down just as it drops in the cup.

13) What courses will be included with the game?

    PGA Championship Golf 2000 shipped with the eight original courses and five new courses. The original courses include Sahalee Country Club, site of the 1998 PGA Championship; The Royal Birkdale Golf Club, site of the 1998 British Open Championship; Black Diamond Ranch; Coeur d'Alene; Pasatiempo Golf Club; Pete Dye Golf Club; Princeville Resorts and Jocassee Shoals.

    Players can also take the ultimate desert-style golf challenge on Cabo del Diablo created by Brian Copfer of Headgate Studios. Other professionally-created courses included in PGA Championship Golf 2000 are Glouchester Golf and Hunt Club, Canaveral Dunes, Whisperwood Golf Club and Monterey Shores Country Club.

14) Many golf sim gamers are very loyal to their favorite game. How would you hope to attract players of Links, Nicklaus or Tiger Woods 2000 to PGA Championship Golf 2000? And what would you say to someone looking to buy his or her first golf sim? Why should they choose PGA 2000 over the others?

    There is one very good reason to buy PGA Championship Golf 2000 over the competition, and we hear it over and over again from our customers and reviewers. It is fun and addictive to play. I think the heart of the reason for this is that we use a mouse swing that controls a golfer at the same time you move the mouse. When you pull back, the golfer pulls back, when you push forward, the golfer pushes forward and the ball instantly takes off according to your swing. The golfer is an extension of your mouse and you feel very connected to it. It feels like you playing and it's addictive. The connection and fun go away when you swing with a mechanical meter while the golfer stands still, and then the golfer swings and hits while you fold your arms. There are certainly many other reasons, but the game has a great deal of quality and depth that make it very enjoyable.

We would like to thank Vance Cook as well as Lee Crawford for their part in the interview.

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