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High Heat Baseball 2000 Patch Features

The following items have been addressed in this update:

- Controller support added: For (a) Microsoft Precision Pro(R) Joystick and (b) Logitech WingMan(R) Gamepad.

- In season play, games will no longer be skipped in the schedule.

- Edited players will no longer have their career pitching stats doubled.

- Some player stats can no longer be changed with the Player Editor. These statistics had no effect on gameplay or the quick-sim.

- When the playoffs begin, all pitchers will regain any lost fatigue and each team's pitching rotation will be reset to the first pitcher.

- Players properly regain fatigue in the playoffs. NOTE: A player only rests if he does not participate in a game.

- Saving a season crashes the game. NOTE: If you are experiencing this you will need to update your operating system with a patch from Microsoft. Windows(R) 95 users should go to Windows(R) 98 users should go to

- Camera angle no longer 'sticks' in place after a player is injured.

- The Player Editor now functions properly.

- Many scoring errors have been addressed.

- The number of strikeouts has been toned down in the game and quick-sim.

- Players will no longer disappear while warming-up in the bullpen.

- Game now supports Gravis(R) GamePad Pro USB controller.

- Gravis GrIP Game Pads now operating properly with the game.

- Microsoft(R) SideWinder(R) FreeStyle Pro now works properly with the game.
v - The Hall of Fame now works properly in career mode.

- Computer manager less aggressive when making changes to a human team's lineups and rosters.

- New interrupt added for Season Play will warn the user if the computer needs to make changes to the team roster.

- Black bats have been added.

- In software mode, bringing up the pitching key will no longer crash the game.

- Players can now be manually placed in Rookie-A rosters.

- Ball physics have been improved in the field (i.e. rolling, bouncing, etc.).

- Injured players can stay on the major league roster. You will have to place them on the DL manually.

- Free agent screen now functioning properly.

- In a full season, teams will always play 162 games, no more and no less.

- Players with familiarity in catching will no longer one-hop throws to second base on steal attempts.

- Fixed problems related to use of the F11 hot key in multiplayer games.

- Manage-only "bunt defense" works properly in multiplayer games.

- Simultaneous lineup changes work properly in multiplayer games.

- Fixed problem with losing the ability to click on the chat box in multiplayer games.

- Fixed problems in multiplayer games when one player chose blimp view. NOTE: Be aware that changing your camera view to blimp view will change some of the other player's camera views (e.g. batting camera switched to blimp will switch the other player's fielding camera to blimp).

- Pitchers won't magically reappear on the mound after being taken out of the game.

- If a hit ball strikes the foul pole over the homerun line, the play will be scored as a home run.

- Blimp view angled properly.

- No more roster limits at the end of a season.

- Player of the Game AI improved.

- Bunting is improved.

- Improved defensive positioning.

- Find Players feature now operating properly.

- Yamaha DS-XG sound cards now operating properly with the game.

- Computer will no longer cut a player after trading for him.

- Bringing in a pitcher cold works properly.

- Fake player creator improved.

- Pitchers properly warm up in one-pitch mode.

- Only 2 pitchers may be warmed up at one time.

- Auto-draft now lists players as they are picked.

- Computer will no longer use pitchers as pinch hitters.

- Number of short-term injuries reduced considerably.

- Auto-defensive alignment now properly shifts infield/outfield.

- Injuries are now listed on roster screen printouts.

- The home team dugout is now properly set in Yankee Stadium.

- Injuries now heal properly during the playoffs.

- Relief pitchers come into game warmed up if previous pitcher is injured.

- Error numbers are more realistic.

- If Windows start bar is configured to the left side of the screen, it no longer interferes with graphics in the game.

- In-game stat bars now show playoff stats separately from season stats.

- Baserunning AI has been improved.

- Fielding AI has been improved.

- Problems in the player editor have been addressed.

- Boxscores now get displayed after all played games even if the "Save Box Scores" option is disabled.

- The Lineup and Bullpen screens are capable of showing both Season and Playoff stats.

- Screen savers are disabled upon starting the application and re-enabled when you quit.

- The stadium you pick no longer gets reset when returning from the View Stadium option.

- Revised Keyboard Controls

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