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Soul Calibur (DC)

Alternate Outfits
To get an alternate suit, hit the Y button at the character selection screen. This will cause everyone's suit to change into the variant. To get the original suits back, hit Y again.

Change Color of Sophitia's Underwear
Choose sophitia and press one of the following buttons from the selection screen and keep pushing it until u see sophitia do her pre battle pose.

X = pink
Y = blue
B = black
R = yellow ( press R after you choose her or she'll be in metallic mode! )
L = ( doesn't seem to change the color )
A = white ( original color )

Character Profiles
Obtain all pictures in the first collection in the Museum to unlock this mode which allows you to see each characters' profile.

Exhibition Mode
Obtain all pictures in the first collection in the Museum to unlock this mode which allows you to see each characters' kata.

Extra Stuff
For extra stuff (like exhibition theater, Intro Edit Mode, more backrounds, third costumes, ect) you must play through Edge Master mode and unlock almost all of the art in the galleries. The last gallery has pictures that take 2000+ points each, but there doesnt seem to be any reward for doing so. As you unlock more art, more missions will be available. Completing new missions gives you more points, while completing an old mission gives you fewer and fewer points every time.

Extra Survival Mode
Obtain all pictures in the second collection in the Museum to unlock this mode which allows you to play an alternative type of survival mode.

Gold Title Screen
After obtaining all 338 pictures from the Art Gallery, a new Black and White title screen appears, Beat every mission in, Mission Battle, and it will have a gold tint.

Metal Mode
To activate the METAL MODE, first earn the option via Mission Battle, then while selecting any of the characters simply hold R. You should now be covered in a shiny metal coating while fighting.

Move Camera
When viewing the replay after a fight, press the (B) button to switch which character the game camera is focusing on. You can then pan around and zoom in or out on the character that just lost.

New Title Screen
Beat the game with Inferno to get a new title screen.

Opening Direction Mode
Obtain all pictures in the third collection in the Museum to unlock this mode which allows you to edit the introduction sequence.

Play as Edge Master
To unlock Edge Master, first beat the game with all the regular characters. This will unlock secret characters. Then beat it with the secret characters (so basically beat it with ALL characters and Edge Master should be unlocked.

Play as Inferno
In order to play as the final boss Inferno, you have to obtain Xianghua's third costume from Mission Battle Mode. Afterwards, go to arcade mode and beat the game with Xianghua in her third costume (Select by pressing Y+A) and you will be able to play Inferno afterward.

Secret Levels and Characters
It doesn't matter who you use to beat the game, but for each different character you beat the game with, it will unlock a different character or stage. Hwang is unlocked first, then Yoshimitsu, then the raft stage (Yoshimitsu's), then Lizardman, then Siegfried, then Venice (Siegfried's stage), then Rock. I'm not sure of the order of characters beyond that, although if it follows the arcade sequence, it should be Seung Mina, a different stage, then Edge Master.

Secret Missions
On the left map in the upper right corner there is a mission and on the right map in the middle there is a mission.After finishing the game with the secret missions there will be another start picture.

Secret Weapons Mode
Obtain all pictures in the fourth collection in the Museum to unlock this mode which allows you to choose a different graphic for your character's weapon.

Victory Poses
Each character has three different victory poses. To see each one, after winning a battle, press X, Y, or B during the replay to select one of the three poses.

Water Vein
Finish the game with Lizardman and you win a new travels. "Water vein"

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