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NBA Live 2000 (PC,PSX,N64) Preview

Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: November 1999

Background Info

PC Screeens(5)

PSX Screeens(4)

NBA LIVE 2000 by EA SPORTS is the sixth iteration in the NBA LIVE Series of basketball games which have sold more than seven million units to date. In an EA SPORTS worldwide exclusive, 60 of the greatest NBA legends of all time – including Michael Jordan – are included in the PC and PlayStation games. Game players can compete against five All-Star teams from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and see how they stack up against today's teams. Fans can also challenge current NBA players or choose one of the legends to a game of one-on-one street ball on an outdoor court. The classic matchups are endless: Dr. J vs. Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan vs. Bill Russell or Allen Iversen vs. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe.

Key Features

  • Players can challenge Michael Jordan to a game of one-on-one, but they must beat Michael at one-on-one before they can access Michael's player in the rest of the game (PlayStation/N64).
  • Five All-Star teams from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's allow users to challenge the NBA's legendary All-Stars against today's stars. Legends include Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson. Historic teams have player likenesses, authentic uniforms (short shorts), and authentic hair styles (crew cuts and afros). Legends may also be traded to current NBA rosters once certain milestones are reached. (PC/PlayStation)
  • Revolutionary Face in the Game™ technology allows users to be "in the game." In addition to mapping a specific face, players may choose from many different player expressions, hair types, skin colors and eye colors. (PC)
  • All-Star Kevin Garnett was motion-captured performing a series of high-flying dunks that are featured in all game versions.
  • Internet play let's users compete against NBA LIVE fans from around the world. is the host site for NBA LIVE 2000 matchups.
  • For the first time in a sports video game, NBA LIVE expands its use of facial animations by synching facial animations with player speech so that users will see and hear NBA players shout after big plays. (PC/N64)
  • Songs by funk legend George Clinton and hip hop artists Run DMC, Naughty by Nature, Rahzel and Tzant are featured in the always-popular NBA LIVE 2000 soundtrack.
  • A variety of new camera angles deliver a close-up view of the NBA action with focal length zooming and TV-style cut scenes.
  • All new transition sequences for fouls, injuries, high five's, knuckle touches and free throws as well as signature player moves like Tim Hardaway's crossover dribble, Glenn Rice's three pointer and Reggie Miller's fadeaway jumper.
  • Enhanced Pro-Action™ artificial intelligence (AI) allows players to realistically react to match-ups, post-ups, screens and pick & rolls on the court.
  • An on-court referee makes the calls. (PC)
  • In season mode, the game engine suggests intelligent player trades as the season progresses. The General Manager mode for PlayStation lets users play up to ten seasons while the Franchise Mode for PC allows users to play up to 25 seasons. If desired, users can create their own custom leagues. Player attributes develop and decline as they progress through their career. (PC/PlayStation) The PC game includes a rookie draft.
  • Color commentary is delivered by two-time NBA All-Star Reggie Theus (TNT), who joins play-by-play commentator Don Poier (Vancouver Grizzlies).
  • A detailed create-a-player feature allows any game player to create custom players with individual features including expression (laid back, balanced, hyped), skin tone, height, weight, facial hair, hair color and player ratings.
  • Arcade mode features high-flying slams and all-new special effects. (N64)

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