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Madden 2003 Pre-Release Feature
Franchise Mode

Lasts four weeks with your players gaining or losting skill points depending on performance. Didn't really play with this too much yet. No, the mini-camp mode was not available in the franchise mode.

click to enlarge
time to advance to the regular season

Regular Season & Play-Offs
I simmed the entire season without making any roster moves. My Chargers finished at 11-5, which was good enough for a wild card placing. I had the joy of playing the Steelers, who finished at 10-6 in the regular season in San Diego. I decided to go ahead and play the game with 5 minute quarters on All Pro level. I won't bore you to death about the details of the game, but I ended up with less than 1.5 yds a carry on 12 attempts.

Kordell pretends to be the well known Ryan Leaf and throws to the wrong team

Chargers start out controlling the clock and game, but could not withold the Steelers

Those Steelers LBs make it really tough to run outside the tackles. I held the Bus to 53 yards on the gain on 16 attempts. I feel very confident in saying that it is definitely a lot harder to run outside even if this was only my 3rd complete game. I simmed the rest of the playoffs, and the Steelers ended up making it to the big game against the Rams. Of course, I felt a lot better when the result of the sim of that game was 24-0 Rams.

Here you go through 8 different stages as shown in the screen shot. First up, a list of the retired players are displayed. Once you advance that stage, you reach the fun part, the rookie scouting. Initially, all that is known of each player is their name, physical attributes, college and position.

the off season stages

info on a rookie

You select 15 rookies to scout for the next part of the rookie scouting stage. This allows you to learn more about each of the 15 players you decide to scout through scouting comments as shown in the screen shots. This process pretty much continues for a couple of go arounds. If you decide to scout the same players again, more comments are added about the player in the rookie report screen.

this kid sounds good

something tells me this QB will be good

Next up you need to resign your players and then go to the free agent stage. You are able to release players in the free agent stage to free up any cap space you need. Nothing special here. After this stage is done, you hit the rookie draft.

How well you draft really depends on how good of a job you did in the rookie scouting stage. If you didn't scout any rookies, then the only facts available to you to make your draft choices will just be based on their stats, such as speed in the 40, vertical leap among a few other stats in the player info screen.

so many to choose from

got to pay the rookies

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