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Madden 2003 Pre-Release Feature

Don't be like me and start sweating when I went into the features option and couldn't find the create-a-play option. You got to hit up the Create-a-Playbook option first. The game allows you to modify any current user created playbooks. When you first start off, you need to select individual plays to be added to your playbook.

hmm, what to choose?

time to make a formation

Most likely you will want to create a formation before you create a play. The game is pretty flexible in allowing you to move guys wherever you want. It will tell you if you have an illegal formation or whatnot. On defense, you are able to stack a bunch of players on one side if you felt like it. On offense, you are able to create formations such as the Wishbone or just create your own wacky formation. The game also allows you choose different personel for your formations.

can we put guys right behind the QB?

now, I got to load up NCAA 2003 and steal some plays

Create-a-Play: Offense
The game doesn't allow you to create a play using existing formations. You have to create your own formation first, which isn't hard at all. On offense, you first select whether you want a running or passing play. On passing plays, you can have your guys run your own custom route or choose from one of the default routes. There are also a bunch of waypoint options, as shown in the screen shots. The game limits you to the number of waypoints though. I tried making a guy run in a zig-zag route across the field back and forth, but no go. As far as OL blocking in creating passing plays, you can choose from six choices: pass, run, pull left, pull right, screen right and screen left. Running plays allow you to pick from a wide variety for your FB and HB. The OL blocking seems to still be the same as with the passing plays. The running backs also have a number of ways to behave after receiving a hand-off. I don't want to give everything away though.

can I make him do the moon walk?

how about just make room for my RB?

Create-a-Play: Defense
As mention above, you are able to create some crazy defensive formations in Madden 2003. I won't go into detail as to what each player is able to do, but it is pretty flexible although you aren't able to setup waypoints for your guys on defense.

position your guys on D

pick from your formations

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