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NASCAR Thunder 2002 (PS2) Preview

Platforms : Playstation 2
Release Date : Fall 2001

Background Info

New Screens (33)

Screens (8)

NASCAR® 2002 roars to the front of the pack with a revolutionary new graphics engine from the developers of Madden NFL™, a new career mode, and a new level of interactivity that brings the racetrack to life. Get 'in the game' like never before: hear what the driver hears, see what the driver sees, and feel what the driver feels. NASCAR comes alive with more cars than ever on the track, realistic car damage, dynamic track environments with dragging car parts and rolling tires, and the competitive drive to win burning in every racer. Make your own NASCAR legend by creating your own car in the paint shop and working your way up through the ranks, adding sponsors and better equipment as you win on the track. More accessible than ever, NASCAR 2002 features an Easy Play mode with driving assists for new players, all 23 NASCAR tracks including the new Chicagoland Speedway and Kansas Speedway, the new Dodge™ cars, and updated teams, drivers, and paint schemes for the 2001 season.

Key Features

  • New graphic horsepower: With an ultra fast new rendering engine from the team that brought you Madden 2001, EA SPORTS ups the ante with an astounding number of cars on the track running at a persistent 60fps frame rate under all conditions including multi-play. This allows more detail than ever before, including heat shimmer, rich depth of field, and car hoods that vibrate from air friction.
  • New career mode: Race for the championship over multiple seasons. Choose a manufacturer, paint your car, and then earn offers and decals from new sponsors based on your performance. Use your race winnings to equip your crew and vehicle, increasing horsepower, handling, and pit crew performance. You can even earn the right to race for an existing NASCAR team. As you race through multiple seasons, new drivers will come on to the scene while others retire.
  • The most realistic car damage ever: Cars dent and crumple as they collide, and body parts can fly off or drag on the track to leave a trail of sparks. Other damage effects include tire donuts on body panels, tire smoke, and oil fires-is the clear line high or low as you drive into a wall of smoke?
  • Create your own car: Create your own car color scheme in the paint shop and save it to your memory card. Choose from a variety of colors and designs, place real NASCAR sponsor logos on your car, and earn new designs in Career Mode.
  • Dynamic track environments: Moving obstacles, bouncing tires, animated crowds, waving flags, and even 'marbles' from tire wear that fly at your windshield.
  • Get in the game: Drivers of the same make of car prefer to draft with each other, and drivers of the same team cooperate, letting the faster car take the lead. The AI for each driver is based on real-life tendencies, leading to exciting competition where drivers battle in front and behind the player in packs, providing constant passing opportunities and continual pressure for the lead.
  • New Easy Play features: Novice drivers can hit the track without hitting the wall by using optional driving aids designed to assist acceleration, braking, and stability until they're ready for the next level.
  • Real NASCAR: All 23 tracks including the newest NASCAR speedways, every NASCAR star, rookie, and veteran, and all 4 car manufacturers including Dodge. Go head to head with Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Burton, Bill Elliot, Michael Waltrip, and Steve Park at Daytona, Rockingham, Vegas, or any other track on the circuit.
  • Multiple racing modes: Race solo or against up to three players in single race, season, or career modes with qualifying, practice, and Happy Hour sessions.

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