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NASCAR 2001 (PSX2) Preview

Platforms : Playstation, Playstation 2
Release Date : Fall 2000

Updated 8/23/00 with an updated fact sheet
Updated 7/26/00 with 12 new screen shots.

Background Info

New Screens (10)

Screens (10)

EA SPORTS proudly presents NASCAR 2001, the ultimate NASCAR racing experience. Brand new from the ground up, NASCAR 2001 for the PlayStation 2 is designed for next generation technology with stunning graphics and visual effects, thundering sound, and ultra-competitive AI. It's more than a great looking driving game—it's a great FEELING racing game with tough competitors modeled on their real-life counterparts and exciting NASCAR action. Experience movie-like highlights where smoke obscures your view, car parts fly by, and you must decide in an instant whether to go high or low to avoid the wreck unfolding before you. Dominate at Daytona: For the first time, the world center of racing appears in a NASCAR videogame. Race against the pack in the Daytona 500!

Key Features

  • TOP DRIVERS: Thirty-four active drivers and cars updated for the 2000 season including Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, Jeff Burton, Jeremy Mayfield, Rusty Wallace, Matt Kenseth, Mike Skinner, Ricky Rudd, John Andretti, Kyle Petty, Jerry Nadeau, Kenny Wallace, Ken Schrader, Darrell Waltrip, Michael Waltrip, Bill Elliott, Sterling Marlin, Jimmy Spencer, Bobby Hamilton, Ward Burton, Steve Park, Geoffrey Bodine, Wally Dallenbach, Chad Little, Kevin Lepage, Elliott Sadler, Scott Pruett, and Joe Nemechek. Also included are “the King” Richard Petty, Adam Petty, and Kenny Irwin Jr.
  • REAL TRACKS: Twelve official NASCAR tracks are in the game, including Daytona, Atlanta, California, Lowe's, Bristol, Darlington, Indianapolis, Martinsville, Richmond, Sears Point, Talledega, and Watkins Glen. Just as in the real NASCAR season, night racing is available at Bristol, Lowe's, Richmond, and Daytona.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY: NASCAR 2001 uses a brand new game engine with enhanced graphics, car physics, and challenging computer AI model. Environmental effects include sparks, smoke, engine fires, body deformation, wheel marks on car bodies, skid and wall marks, and car parts that can fly off.
  • DOMINATE AT DAYTONA: For the first time, the world center of racing appears in a NASCAR videogame. Race against the pack in the Daytona 500!
  • TOUGH COMPETITION: Each driver is rated in multiple categories so that computer drivers model the real-life tendencies of NASCAR drivers—Earnhardt dives low into the corner, Jarrett drives consistently on long runs, and Gordon is smooth in and out of the turns.
  • AUTHENTIC NASCAR RACING: The real drivers, cars, teams, tracks, sponsors, announcers, and rules. Only EA SPORTS delivers real NASCAR racing—all the action, excitement, and bumper-to-bumper, green flag to checkered flag excitement of America's #1 motorsport.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE REALISM AND DIFFICULTY SETTINGS: Choose Rookie, Veteran, or Legend difficulty for easier/tougher handling and AI competition. Also choose multiple levels of car damage, breakdowns, tire wear, and NASCAR flag rules.
  • FULL, 'TRACK PACK' OR CUSTOM SEASON: Race a Full or Half NASCAR Season, or race a Custom Season where you choose the tracks. Alternatively, choose 'track packs' that pre-select just one track type: race on short tracks, road courses, speedways, fantasy tracks, or superspeedways.

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