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Motocross Madness (PC) Preview

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Motocross Madness 2 is the outrageous sequel to the award winning Motocross Madness. Motocross Madness 2 features all of the killer dirtbike action of the original, but takes a quantum leap forward with entirely new gameplay depth, graphics realism, accessibility and community/multiplayer features.

Motocross Madness 2 lets you put your skills to the test building bikes, racing to win and competing like the pros. Along with all new event modes (like Enduro and Obstacle) Motocross Madness 2 features an entirely new mode of gameplay -- Career Mode -- where you start out as a rookie "privateer" competing against a field of tough AI competitors. Your goal: prize money and sponsorship dollars to upgrade your bike. Your ultimate goal -- reach the pro Supercross circuit... and Supercross Super Stud-dom.

Motocross Madness 2 features an upgraded physics engine that allows independent rider and biker motion, variable surface friction (slick ice, gravel, mud) and adjustable bike handling and performance. We've also added 32-bit graphics for eye-popping terrain (4 times as large as the terrain in the original) populated with 3-D objects and a variety of vehicles and characters. Throw in licensed motorcycles, gear, and upgradable after-market parts and you have one BOSS racing experience.

Key Features

  • The Great Outdoors.
    Now outdoor terrains will include trees, bushes, and brush. Environmental objects have been added for even more realism on the tracks (such as cones, hay bales, spectators, etc). Plus we've added theme-based environments such as trailer parks, deserted airports, and a whole lot more.

  • Variable Driving Conditions.
    Water and ice will vary the grip the tire has on the contact surface and affect the bike's overall performance.

  • Watch out for that lawn chair.
    All new Enduro races! The Enduro event type will be point a to point b racing, covering multiple terrain surfaces. Enduro races will be themed and heavily dependent on terrain objects. For example, a single enduro race might start out in a trailer park where the rider must jump a cooler of beer and avoid some pecking chickens in order to make it to the woods, where he will then thread his way through densely packed trees until he emerges in daylight on a heavily trafficked highway.

  • Building a better bike.
    You'll be able to upgrade the bikes in the garage, which is available in all event modes but this feature is particularly critical for the Pro Circuit option, detailed below.

  • Rewards for good performance.
    All new Career mode! Pro Circuit event mode combines the best of the old Motocross Madness with some great new gameplay features. You'll start out with a level-one bike in the first of 11 enduro races. You are awarded points based on where you finish. If you finish near the top of the pack, you get "sponsorship dollars" which you can use to buy upgrade parts for your bike. The better your showing, the better the dollars (and the more profound the impact on bike physics will be when you upgrade). At the end of the season, you will be ranked among the AI competitors and if you've done well, you get to buy upgrades for next season's bike before the season starts. The second season will be nationals tracks. Same rules apply, but you will want to build a more specialized bike for these speed-based, high-flying races. As before good performance = sponsorship dollars = bike upgrades. The ultimate goal is to make the professional supercross circuit. But watch out, the pro circuit isn't for wimps. It's your path to racing glory, and a challenging venue for perfoming your best. In career mode, it's up to you to blaze a path to racing glory!

  • No more asking for directions.
    Motocross Madness 2 will include spline maps (with place indicators), rider tracking features and quarry radar so that the user will always be oriented.

  • Details, details...
    New race detailing! Each track will feature an event starting animation, and reward great racing with a podium sequence at the end. Prior to Supercross races you'll be dazzled by a dramatically lit pre-event light show during loading. And when you do that perfect stunt in front of the crowd, watch for flashes of light from the press corps cameras!

  • Play it again!
    New instant replay! You can use instant replay to watch your successes or failures immediately after finishing a single-player race.

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