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Midtown Madness 2 (PC) Preview

Background Info

“Midtown Madness 2” is the over-the-top urban racer sequel to the award-winning “Midtown Madness,” one of the top-selling racing games of 1999. “Midtown Madness 2” delivers the same madcap racing excitement as the original with even more hair-raising racing challenges, two new locations (London and San Francisco) and nine hip new urban roadsters. “Midtown Madness 2” also features the new single-player Crash Course Mission mode where budding drivers can learn and master the tricks of “Midtown Madness 2” racing as a Hollywood stunt driver on location at a San Francisco movie set or as a trainee at the Imperial Cabbie Academy in London.

Key Features

  • Two new cities to race and explore. “Midtown Madness 2” features two new fully-living and interactive cities, each with accurate street maps and articulately rendered landmarks:
    - London. Players can tear across Hyde Park and take a snapshot of Buckingham Palace as they race in the twisting streets of ol' London town. Or they can dash their car into the “Tube” to take a shortcut, but they'd better look out for trains!
    - San Francisco. Lombard Street and Union Square ain't seen nothing yet as players' cars leap from hill to hill in San Francisco's suspension-bustin' streets. But they'd best watch out for street cars!

  • Nine all-new vehicles to smash and crash. “Midtown Madness 2” puts players in the driver's seat of nine all-new campy urban roadsters ranging from an authentic London taxi cab to a cherry-red Freightliner fire truck. These are in addition to the madcap assortment of cars and trucks from the original game, including the VW Bug and Ford Mustang.

  • New Crash Course Mission mode. Players can jump in the driver's seat as either a Hollywood stunt driver on location in the latest action-thriller in San Francisco or as an aspiring cab driver just entering the hallowed halls of the Imperial Cabbie Academy in London. Crash Course Mission mode features a series of skill-building scenarios where drivers can master the challenges of “Midtown Madness 2” driving in addition to unlocking cool new races, vehicles and Easter eggs galore.

  • Improved driving and racing performance. “Midtown Madness 2” builds upon the groundbreaking physics engine of the original by allowing all new racing challenges like racing on two wheels, and mastering the hand brake, power slides and more. In addition, damage modeling has been improved, allowing breakaway parts and even better damage detail.

  • Players can race how and where they want. Just like the original, “Midtown Madness 2” lets players chart their own racing course in two new fully interactive cities. They can careen down a packed avenue in downtown San Francisco, taking out a garbage can or two, or zip down a back alley while pedestrians dive out of their way in London — the choice of where and how to race is in players hands with “Midtown Madness 2.” Same great racing excitement cures the commuting blues. “Midtown Madness 2” features the same great racing modes as the original, including Blitz, Check-Point, Circuit and Multiplayer Capture-the-Gold, in two new cities with nine fabulous new urban racers.

  • Improved multiplayer and community features. “Midtown Madness 2” will be optimized for full LAN and Internet-based multiplayer gaming via the MSN™ Gaming Zone for stable and competitive multiplay for up to eight racers.

  • Part of the best-selling “Madness” line. “Midtown Madness 2” marks the sixth title in the award-winning and best-selling line of “Madness” racing products, where the focus is on fun, competitive racing without limitations. The “Madness” family of products includes “Monster Truck Madness® 1 and 2”, “Motocross Madness™ 1 and 2”, and “Midtown Madness.”

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