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Virtual Deep Sea Fishing (PC) Review

Background Info

While just about every genre of hunting and fishing has been covered, deep sea saltwater fishing seems to have, well...missed the boat (excuse the pun). Maybe it's because deep sea fishing seems to revolve around such unexciting activities like trolling, getting a tan and drinking margaritas. Whatever the reason, deep sea fishing has taken a backseat to freshwater fishing on the PC.  Interplay Sport's Virtual Deep Sea Fishing is the first real attempt to produce and market a deep sea fishing sim. The question is: will this be a "great white groundbreaker" or just another "great white guppy"?

Presentation/Graphics : 90
The graphics are literally 90% eyepopping and 10% at or below today's standards. First the awesome 90%: the texturing of the fish and water is unbelievable! It's so good that snapshots of your catch can be used to create a screensaver (more on this later). Fish cruising just below the surface can actually be seen as they shoot by the boat and disappear into the deep. The fish look incredibly real--even down to swimming motion. So far I would have to rate this one as the most graphically advanced fishing sim to date in these regards. However, the "bad" 10% represents a rather bland (texture-wise) representation of the boats and the blocky rendering of your in-game persona. With that in mind, who buys a fishing game to look at the boat or representation of the angler? As long as the boat/angler representations are adequate (which these are)- who cares??!! Bring on the awesome looking gamefish!!

Presentation/Audio : 70
There is no menu music, soundtrack or wide range of audio. Sound effects are pretty basic so don't expect anything but simple, effective sounds. No music.

Like the real thing, Virtual Deep Sea Fishing takes some practice to get the hang of. The whole reeling/pulling/boat manuvering thing can be a bear at times--especially when starting out.

Interface/Options : 80
The interface is pretty straightforward--typical of what one would expect with this genre of gaming. Players choose a fishing location from a list of 13 first class fishing areas (Florida, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, etc.), one of eight styles of boats (each with individual advantages and disadvantages) and off you go! Once out to sea, players can access the options menu in order to change bait, jump around on the regional fishing map and take a peek in the livewell (in a sense).

Once you choose your bait or lure, you're ready to start trolling. A "fish finder" shows you fish activity in the area around the boat--the fish appear as blips on the fish finder as they move about. All of this is pretty typical and not overly complicated.

Gameplay : 75
The goal is to catch saltwater fish--BIG saltwater fish. The species found in this game range from Marlin and Sailfish to Dorado and Wahoo to, yep, Great White Shark. The total number of fish species found in Virtual Deep Sea is 18--each with its own mannerisms, fighting characteristics and appetites. Don't be surprised if that Mako that you hooked not only makes some spectacular leaps--but charges your boat! Players can switch from fisherman view to an underwater camera that shows the fish in all of its awesome 3D-rendered glory.

To reel in line all you do is hold down the left mouse button. In order to pull back on the rod, players actually shake the mouse from side to side (as opposed to just pullling back on the mouse). In order to effectively land a fish (especially those 1,200 lb. Black Marlins), players must use a combination of pulling back/raising the rod tip, reeling in slack as you depress the rod tip, and manuvering the boat in reverse. The boat can be moved around using the arrow keys. This is not easy so be prepared for quite a few broken lines and thrown hooks before you get the hang of it. Needless to say, the learning curve is a bit on the steep side.

Once your fish has been successfully hauled to the boat players may choose to keep it (by using the gaff) or let it go. Fish that are landed and saved may be used to create an underwater screensaver showing your trophy swimming about when your PC takes a nap.

Other game features include multiplayer and tournament modes allowing for timed competitions.

Difficulty : 80
Like the real thing, Virtual Deep Sea Fishing takes some practice to get the hang of. The whole reeling/pulling/boat manuvering thing can be a bear at times--especially when starting out.

Overall : 80
Interplay Sports has developed the deep sea fishing sim that the virtual fisherman has been waiting for. It had my heart pounding as I reeled in a couple monster fish (a 1,000 lb. White Shark and a 1,200 lb. Black Marlin)! Enjoy the finest fishing sim of its kind.

By: Steve Ellis 5/21/99

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