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ESPN NHL Hockey (SEGA Sports NHL 2K4) (PS2,Xbox) Preview

Publisher: SEGA Sports

Xbox Screens (5)

Xbox Screens (20)

PS2 Screens (9)

Top Shelf Tuesday! 7/29/03
One of the most exciting new features in ESPN NHL Hockey has got to be the new Skills Competition mode. Based on the Skills events from All-Star Saturday, gamers will be able to compete in several different technical trials against the computer or against your friends. Test your precision in Accuracy Shooting, as you aim for targets in goal with the best snipers in the NHL. If you think you're slapshot has power, step up to the Hardest Shot contest to see if you can break the 100 MPH barrier. If you're more team-oriented, compete in the high-intensity Breakaway Relay as you try to score as many goals against an opposing goalie while also playing in net and defending one-on-one against the other team's best skaters.

If you're ready for a Top Shelf challenge, try competing in each of the skills in our User Challenge mode: pucks glide in from different directions in Hardest Shot, the skating paths getting longer and increasingly difficult in Puck Control, and more targets are set-up in Accuracy Shooting. Skills event in User Challenge mode become more challenging as you complete each level for each of the skills events. The Skills Competition not only adds an exhilarating dimension of fun, it also delivers to new hockey fans a chance to tune their hockey skills before unleashing them in battle.

  • 4 Screen Shots
  • Movie - ESPNNHL_puckcontrol320.mpg
  • Movie - ESPNNHL_hardshot320.mpg
  • Movie - ESPNNHL_breakrelay320.mpg
  • Movie - ESPNNHL_accuracy320.mpg
  • Top Shelf Tuesday! 7/15/03
    Welcome once again to another edition of Top Shelf Tuesday!

    Today, we introduce our Jeremy Roenick, one of the NHL's most respected hockey players. Whether he's making life difficult for opposing defensemen in the regular season, or grinding it out with workman-like resolve in the fight for The Cup, Jeremy Roenick's diehard attitude, aggressive play-style, and blue collar work ethic make him the ideal player to represent the best hockey game this year - ESPN NHL Hockey Also for this Top Shelf Tuesday, we have included a new teaser trailer… just a small taste of what's to come…

    Every other Tuesday, new information, screenshots, and movies will be revealed including a brand new graphics engine, broadcast quality presentation elements, and thrilling new gameplay modes.

    Welcome to the upper echelon of hockey gaming… welcome to Top Shelf Tuesday.

  • Movie - espnnhlhockey-1320x240.wmv
  • 5 Screen Shots
  • Welcoming Jeremy Roenick - Welcome0715.mp3
  • Background Info
    “NHL 2K4” is more than just the game of hockey. It is true grit, true skills, true intensity and your ability to bring those elements to each and every match-up you face. It is taking on anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is feeling the impact of a precision hit and splitting the D with a skilled skater. It is the battle for the puck and the glory of burying it in the back of the net. It is achieving milestones and setting the standard for others to follow. It is everything you’d want in a hockey game and nothing you’d expect. “NHL 2K4” - true to the NHL.

    New Features

    • ESPN Presentation – “NHL 2K4” brings you authentic box scores, overlays, stats and more - fully capturing the atmosphere of an ESPN NHL broadcast.
    • Groundbreaking Graphics Engine – Pushing the hardware to new limits -- player models and faces, environmental effects, arenas, cut-scenes, uniforms and more are meticulously detailed - raising realism to a new level.
    • 3D Front Office – Manage all aspects of your franchise from key trades to scouting talent in the minors and abroad with an easy-to-navigate 3D front office menu system.
    • Muck It Up – True-to-the-game board pinning controls give you the option to wear down opponents, fight for possession, or tie up the puck to get a whistle while a dynamic camera lets you soak up all the action -- up close and personal.
    • Feel The Impact – The “art” of the well executed hit is showcased with authentic animations detailing open ice hits, checks into the boards and even the occasional flight over the boards and onto the players’ bench.
    • Online for the PlayStation 2 – Hook it up and experience epic battles online with seamless gameplay. An in-depth stat-tracking system ensures that your trials and triumphs are recorded for the rest of the nation to admire. Also online for the Xbox.
    • Customized Playoffs – Your team didn’t make the playoffs? Don’t sweat it. The customizable playoffs option gives you the opportunity to put together a playoff bracket any way you see fit.
    • Know Your History – Honoring the tradition and heritage of the NHL, playable historic teams and vintage jerseys let you indulge in some the most legendary eras in the sport of hockey.
    • International Teams – Choose from 14 international teams, compete on international-sized ice in tournaments or exhibition games and experience the fast-paced, wide-open action unique to international ice hockey.

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    Buy from Amazon!