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Rock the Rink (PSX) Preview

Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: March 2000

Background Info

The makers of EA SPORTS' top-selling NHL Hockey games allow you, the gamer, to challenge the pros. Take your fantasy team of bruisers and skaters and see how they match up against the NHL finest with physically punishing hockey like you only dreamed. Rock the Rink is knockdown, drag-out, score at all costs, 3-on-3, fast-paced arcade action hockey with no rules and tons of scoring. Body-slam your opponent to the ice, feed him a fistful of leather or drop him like a rock with a wicked clothesline tackle. Best of all, none of these moves will land you in the penalty box. Defy gravity and modern physics with special moves that include: Leapfrog, Helicopter, Corkscrew, Tornado and Air Deke. Why go around your opponent, when you can go over or through him? Take the ice against your friend for intense head-to-head action as one of nine imaginative fantasy teams or as a street-tough NHL team. See if you can build your team into a powerhouse in NHL Challenge Mode earn rewards and power-ups to improve your team and unlock NHL opponents for the ultimate test.


  • Hockey with no rules slowing you down or limiting your fights. Pair up goon against goon, or have the big guy lay a pile driver, straight-arm or clothesline on a finesse player for a quick and painful annihilation of the opponent.
  • Superhuman goal scoring abilities with windmill, helicopter, leapfrog, corkscrew, and tornado moves to score goals or avoid oncoming opponents.
  • Three on Three, plus goalies. First team to ten, old-time hockey played in a variety of venues including run-down ice arena barns. A ten second shot clock keeps the intensity high in this physically brutal hockey gameplay experience.
  • Two different game modes for one or two players and a two controller "party" mode. Arcade Mode for fast, fun action between 1-2 players.
  • NHL Challenge with seven fantasy teams that hone their skills and then step up to challenge any one of the 28 unlockable NHL teams. King of the Rink Mode is a "party mode" where three to eight players using two controllers have the chance to match up in a double elimination "winner takes all" tournament. If you earn the King of the Rink title a hidden team is unlocked.
  • Tons of rewards, both locked and unlocked, can be earned with wins, good passes and by brute force. Rewards include: new teams, the ability to hit and check harder, stronger sticks for harder shots, lightening fast skates for quicker on-ice movement, various player sizes and characteristics, distorted physics, and sound effects.
  • NHL Challenge mode has seven core fantasy teams and by beating those teams, players earn power-ups, equipment upgrades and the opportunity to match up against the NHL's finest goons, skaters and scorers.
  • Search for and fight the wearer of the "Championship Belt", earn the right to wear it and watch others cower in fear. Championship Belt powers include extra "finishing moves" for the final blow while fighting and enhanced player rating skills.
  • Nine fantasy teams with corresponding names, attitudes, rinks and rink announcers: Demons, Rattlers, Psycho Delics, Reapers, Sting, Gangsters, Cabbies, Demolition, and the Brigade Team.
  • 13 custom ice surfaces give fantasy teams the advantage with ice surfaces tailored to the fantasy team theme including old-fashioned pond hockey.
  • NHL and NHLPA license, look for the biggest goons and fastest forwards in the league in a whole new venue.
  • Tia, the puck girl serves as the sole rule enforcer and "puck dropper" in this bang up hockey experience. In a game without rules, her job is quite complex, she high-fives, and blows kisses when all is going well, but when the score is against you she shakes a disappointed fist toward the losers.
  • Music by Zebrahead and The Hanson Brothers with hockey songs including Stick Boy, and Third Man In.
  • 1-2 players, analog control.

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