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NHL Hitz Pro Preview

Publisher: Midway Sports

What is NHL Hitz Pro?

Screens (6)

This year Midway Sports has turned up the critically acclaimed hockey series NHL Hitz up a notch. All new 5-on-5 play, including rules and line changes is the backbone of NHL Hitz Pro.

NHL Hitz Pro has made the jump from 3 on 3 to full-fledged 5 on 5 hockey this year and with it, the series becomes a legitimate sports title. All of the rules and sim features that you would never think of finding in Hitz are now part of the game, giving fans of all levels the gameplay features that they desire.

The new features added to Hitz Pro this year are the following:

  • Line Changes
  • Fatigue System (The more hits a player takes the more exhausted he becomes)
  • Offsides, Icing, Two Line Passes (NHL Rules)
  • Penalty System (Players can still play dirty as in past years, but now the ref is watching and when his referee meter fills, you are off to the box)
  • Context Sensitive Moves (Wraparounds and deflections) allow the user to score from anywhere on the ice
  • Pull your goalie!
  • While Hitz Pro added a great level of simulation-based features, each feature has been added with Hitz flavor. Normal fatigue systems just have players get tired based on ice-time, but in Hitz its based on hitting! Penalties are usually quite random. In Hitz we give you meters to manage yourself, so when you go to the box, you know it's your fault. The last main element is that you can turn all new features off, meaning that Hitz Pro offers a new game to people who may never have tried Hitz before but also caters to true arcade gamers who still want a no holds barred style of game.

    Midway Sports' NHL Hitz Pro puts the customizable in your slap shot

    NHL Hitz Pro offers over 20 customizable gameplay tweakers ranging from shooting accuracy to goalie fatigue and even other aspects such as hitting power and turbo boost levels. For the first time in a hockey game, players can also select their game type in the front end and pause menu. No more endless hours spent in a tweaker menu. NHL Hitz Pro gives you a head start in getting closer to the style of game that you are looking for in in a hockey game. You can choose either the Default mode, Hitz mode or Pro mode right out of the package! We have also taken the time to name each of our tweakers so that everyone will have a clear idea of how their changes impact the game. Many sports games tend to use technical terms which can be very confusing at times. The last element which makes this aspect such a winner is that NHL Hitz Pro allows you to tune the game from the pause menu, so if you want to change something "on the fly", then simply pause the game, make a change, and try it out.

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    Buy from Amazon!