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Mad Catz's MicroCON (Xbox) Controller Review

When the XBox first came out, people complained about the size of the huge controller. Microsoft decided to release their Controller S, a smaller version of the standard sized controller, which was gladly welcomed by the majority of XBox gamers. Mad Catz also heard the gamer's complaints and announced they would release a new controller of their own named the MicroCON.

The biggest difference between the MicroCON and Microsoft Controller S is the size. The MicroCON is smaller than the Controller S, so if the size of the Controller S is too small for any of you out there, don't even bother with the MicroCON. The size wasn't a problem for me though. It was a tiny bit smaller than my normal comfort level, but I didn't suffer from anything serious after playing a number of games of NBA Live 2003 and NBA Inside Drive 2003.

The physical layout follows Microsoft's Controller S as the white and black buttons are located beneath the four main buttons. The main difference here is that the white and black buttons on the MicroCON are more protruding then the Microsoft controller. I actually prefer Mad Catz's style because it was a lot easier to press both the white and black buttons.

Just like the Mad Catz Xbox ControlPad, this controller has rubber grips on the left and right side to make your hands feel a bit more comfortable during hours of gaming. The MicroCON also comes with a nine-foot braided steel cable, which I believe is slightly longer than the Controller S.

The buttons on this controller are also more pressure sensitive. Mad Catz's first controller had a problem where buttons had to be completely pressed down to register. Thankfully, Mad Catz fixed this issue with their MicronCON controller.

The MicroCON also comes with a macro option to program combinations, but I found no use for that feature as a person who only plays sports games.

Overall, the MicroCON is definitely worth the purchase. The controller would be great for the younger crowd of gamers as well as people with average sized hands. The rubber grips no doubt makes it quite a bit better on the hands. Just keep in mind that the MicroCON is a little smaller than the Controller S.

The controller also comes in a couple of different colors, which might appeal to the young XBox gamers. So if you need an extra XBox controller for your kid or little brother or sister, the Mad Catz MicroCON controller gets our recommendation as the XBox controller to go with.

By: James Chheng 9/24/02

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