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PGA Championship Golf
2000 (PC) Interview


Our Lee Crawford recently had a chance to interview Vance Cook, Founder and President of Headgate Studios.

1) What was the main focus for PGA 2000? What did you most seek to improve upon over PGA Championship Golf 1999?

    The main focus for PGA Championship Golf 2000 was to hone and perfect an already great game, as well as to add a few major features. PGA Championship Golf 1999 was a major advancement for the franchise, taking a couple years and a significant budget to complete. In 1999, we focused on significant technology advancements. For the 2000 version, we added the polish.

    For PGA Championship Golf 2000, we also sought to significantly improve upon our offline play against computer opponents. PGA Championship Golf 1999 added a great new capability of creating computer opponents by entering real statistics. You could play against large lists of the computer opponents but it was organized into season or career play. PGA Championship Golf 2000 ships with the ability to organize a tour of players and events, and then compete against them over an entire season. Statistics are also tracked over a player's career.

2) Although the course architect for PGA Championship Golf 1999 was well liked for its full-land plot capability and panoramic views, course designers criticized it for problems with "point-density." What, exactly, is "point-density" and how has this problem been solved in PGA 2001?

    The PGA Championship Golf 2000 Course Architect uses dynamic detail to model a course. It allows a lot of detail to be placed in the areas most needed like greens and bunkers, and it allows less detail to be added where it is less necessary like between holes and out of bounds areas. This allows courses to be created with great detail without taking up 100 MB on your hard drive. PGA Championship Golf 1999 shifted some of the responsibility of managing this detail to the designer. It was also a bit slow and had some point limits that designers were bumping into. PGA Championship Golf 2000 removed the limits, sped up the processes, placed detail more efficiently, and took back the responsibility of managing the detail. It is now transparent to the designer unless he/she wishes to make some manual adjustments.

3) Will courses from PGA Championship Golf 1999 be compatible with PGA Championship Golf 2000 and, if so, will the older courses benefit, graphically, from the upgrade?

    We re-shipped all of the courses from PGA Championship Golf 1999 with PGA Championship Golf 2000 and added five new courses for a total of thirteen courses. All of the previous courses except Jocassee Shoals were given graphical overhauls. We also made many improvements to our rendering engine for a more realistic look.

4) True Swing seemed to be the best/most popular feature of PGA Championship Golf 1999. How has True Swing been improved to further enhance the feeling of swinging a real club?

    TrueSwing 3 now detects whether you are using good pace and tempo in your swing, and rewards or penalizes your shot accordingly. This parallels a real golf swing, but also penalizes some of the unusual swings you occasionally see players use. TrueSwing also requires a longer mouse motion that results in a more realistic feel. Lastly, it is now "smart" in that it monitors your swinging tendencies for a swinging experience that is unique to each person.

5) Is a "click" swing meter still available and what, if any, improvements have been made to it?

    The Tri-Click swing meter is still available and it is essentially the same as in PGA Championship Golf 1999.

6) What is being done to improve Tournament mode in PGA Championship Golf 2000?

    We have added season and career play modes to offline tournaments that are described in my answer to question 1. Aside from this, the galleries are graphically and functionally improved, and the TV announcers are smarter. They have also gained many new comments.

7) Aside from Tom Lehman, are there any other PGA Professionals signed on for PGA Championship Golf 2000?

    PGA Championship Golf 2000 does not have any specific players signed, but it does benefit greatly from its license with the PGA of America. Some of our customers have created lists of tour players using their statistics from the current tour. If you want to play against these pros, you can get this list from one of their web sites and play the whole tour.

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