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Sega Sports NFL 2K3 (PS2, Xbox)

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SEGA Sports(tm), the brand that continues to set new standards in sports video gaming, today announced the signing of Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher to serve as the official spokesperson and cover athlete for "SEGA Sports(tm) NFL 2K3." After joining the Chicago Bears in 2000, Brian Urlacher quickly made his mark in the NFL, winning The Associated Press NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. The league and numerous sporting publications have honored him since as one of the NFL's top defensive players. He is also a two-time Pro Bowl pick who has led the Chicago Bears in total tackles, sacks, solo tackles and tackles for loss.

"Brian Urlacher's breakthrough play has redefined the middle linebacker position. The hard work and drive he has shown through his dedication to the NFL and the Chicago Bears exemplifies what SEGA Sports is all about - fortitude, strength and passion," said Tom Nichols, group director of sports marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Brian has offered our development team strategic advice and counsel about what it's like to be one of the toughest and athletically gifted young linebackers in the NFL. With his help and the many numerous additions to this year's game there is no doubt 'SEGA Sports NFL 2K3' will own the playing field."

"I've been dreaming of being on an NFL video game cover since I started playing football," Urlacher said. "I am honored to be a part of 'SEGA Sports NFL 2K3' because this game offers the best perspective on what it's really like to be on the football field. SEGA Sports has managed to capture the most realistic details of the game, down to the look and the feel of realistic tackles."

Urlacher loaned his high-intensity defensive moves to "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3" in a motion capture session held earlier this year. In addition, he spent time in the sound studio recording defensive huddle audio calls and worked with the development team in a defensive play design session. Urlacher's input and thorough knowledge of the game was used in designing the ultra realistic AI and detailed team-specific defensive playbooks in "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3."

Developed by Visual Concepts, the development house behind the sports video game revolution and makers of the acclaimed "SEGA Sports NFL 2K" and "SEGA Sports NBA 2K" series, "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3" will bring sports gamers the detailed authenticity and breathtaking realism that they have come to expect from the SEGA Sports NFL franchise. With new lifelike player animations, "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3" comes to the 2002 season bigger and stronger than ever before with enhanced play calling intelligence and a brand new ESPN broadcast system with the familiar ESPN overlays, scores and highlights. "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3" will also build upon the legacy already set by its predecessors by adding an incredibly deep Franchise Mode, which gives gamers a chance to control the team as both coach and general manager.

To have continued success in the sport of football, one must constantly adapt and evolve their game. Raising to the next level in sports video gaming has always been a Sega Sports standard and the tradition continues with Sega Sports NFL 2K3. Never satisfied with being just good enough, NFL 2K3 looks to set a new benchmark for the game of football while enhancing the improvements we've made for the past three years. With over 500 new animations added, you'll see jaw-dropping spin moves, powerful aerial hits, and graceful one-handed catches.

Of course, we're not content in just improving what we've done in the past successfully. Get ready for a crowd of new features and improvements, including a completely new Franchise mode, thrilling new offensive and defensive animations, and broadcast-quality commentary regarded as the best in all of sports video games. Complete with all the updated rosters, the new NFL alignment changes, and completely redesigned stadiums, its time to hit the line hard and remember winning isn't a sometime thing: it's an all-time thing.

Key Features

  • All new Franchise mode – Redesigned from the ground-up, take total control of your football team with a new and intuitive visual presentation, detailed trade logic, and comprehensive stat tracking.
  • Redesigned 3D stadiums – All the authentic NFL stadiums recreated with incredible detail, and complete sideline elements including spirited teammates, fired-up coaches, and stadium specific elements.
  • Improved realistic animations – Hundreds of original animations add to the wonderful realism of NFL 2K3 including new tackle animations, ball stripping lunges, improved stiff-arm moves, last ditch QB passes, and painful aerial tackles.
  • Improved A.I. – Bring your “A+” game as NFL 2K3 teams will demonstrate the distinct behaviors of their real-life NFL counterparts. Teams will play more aggressive D in red-zone situations and even call last minute defensive coverage adjustments.
  • New audible system – Find the holes in the defense’s coverage or call a last minute blitz against the offense with NFL 2K3’s new audible system as you make your adjustments on the fly.
  • The best commentary gets better – More of the best football video game commentary with new visual details, dynamic camera angles, and “smart” commentary that memorizes past plays and team play-calling trends.
  • Updated player models – Recognize even more of your favorite NFL players with our improved face models complete with human-like facial expressions.
  • Up-to-date team attributes, uniforms, and rosters for the 2002 NFL season including the new alignment changes as well as 32nd NFL team, the Houston Texans.

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