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NFL Gameday 2003 (PS2) Preview

Publisher: 989 Sports

Background Info

PS2 Screens (5)
Are you ready for some football? Feel the power of the NFL with the ultimate football simulation. All the NFL teams and players, including the expansion Houston Texans, are here and waiting for you to take control. See if you have the skills to win it all and raise the Vince Lombardi trophy. No other game captures the power and athleticism of the NFL quite like the original PlayStation football franchise. Kick the NFL season off with NFL GameDay 2003 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

Key Features

  • Ultra Realistic Gameplay - New 60 frames per second gameplay puts the power and athleticism of the NF
  • L in the palm of your hand. Feel unmatched responsive control over remarkably detailed and fluid animations including 200 new tackles, catches and blocks. Over 70 new "break tackle" animations mean the outcome of each and every play will be different to ensure the highest replay value ever. Revamped catching, blocking and passing systems put you on the field and simulate the action of a real NFL game. Put any offensive skilled player in motion with the press of a button to keep the defense guessing
  • Amazing Player Models - New high-resolution player models recreate the NFL player in intricate detail. All-new textures and lighting make sure your favorite player jumps off the TV screen like never before. One hundred eighty new player faces allow a close-up of players not only celebrating game breaking plays but telling their opponent how they just beat them for the game winning touchdown.
  • New Online Mode - Challenge an opponent anywhere in the country. Create your own buddy list and chat online while battling on the gridiron. "AWOL" mode allows a computer to take over for an unattended controller during an online matchup.
  • Unparalleled TV-Style Presentation - Listen to a revolutionary, three-man booth complete with commentary from a sideline reporter. Broadcasting legend Dick Enberg and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts are joined by Ian Eagle for the first ever three-man booth in a sports video game. New stadium fly-ins feature players during their pre-game warm-ups. This includes quarterbacks throwing the ball, players stretching and doing windsprints, punters punting the ball and much more. The camera will focus on a key player warming up while giving critical season statistics.
  • Authentic NFL Realism - Kick off the 2002 season with all 32 NFL teams including the expansion Houston Texans. Updated team rosters include the latest free agent signings and draft picks from the 2002 NFL draft. Improved stadium models feature new lighting, texture enhancements, renovations and progressive field wear. Check out the new stadiums in Houston, Chicago, New England, Seattle, Green Bay and Detroit. Track team and player statistics in 163 categories.

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