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NFL Fever 2000 (PC) Preview

Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: August 1999

Background Info


"NFL Fever" is an intense and realistic arcade-style football game that puts gamers in total control of the game. Gameplay features total control of offense and defense, realistic moves and animations, and tons of special moves from stiff-arming and high-stepping to power tackles and the "swim" move. "NFL Fever" features all 31 NFL teams, all the stadiums and current players in a graphically rich 3-D environment.

Key Features

  • Fast, hard-hitting tackles. Gamers can play rough and tough NFL-style football with the ability to tackle, hit hard, and see and hear the intensity of playing in an NFL game. The intense head-to-head gameplay of "NFL Fever" provides a gaming experience that is the next best thing to being in the trenches of an NFL game. While other PC football games make you feel like you're watching a NFL game, "NFL Fever" makes you feel like you're playing in an NFL game.
  • Special Moves. The Special Moves feature lets football gamers react quickly and realistically, so they can make the plays they want to make. Special Moves gives gamers a wide variety of moves, including 10 offensive moves: "juke," spin, speed burst, stiff-arm, hurdle, shoulder charge, dive, leap, high-step and pump fake. Or gamers can mount a defense with such moves as a power tackle, swim move, speed burst, dive, jump, or even an intentional face-mask.
  • Real NFL-style playbooks and NFL-style gameplay from the West Coast offense to a zone blitz defense. "NFL Fever" lets football gamers get onto the gridiron and play in a realistic NFL matchup by combining real NFL plays with sophisticated artificial intelligence that is uniquely modeled team-by-team according to real playing styles and team personnel.
  • Real NFL atmosphere. "NFL Fever" captures the intensity of being on the NFL battlefield with the sound effects and the spirit of competition between football gamers and their opponents, before, during and after the play, capturing the essence of real NFL football. Sound effects are realistic and integrated into the game with on-the-field exchanges, trash-talking, cheers from the crowd and team-specific chants.
  • Fast-paced gameplay. Microsoft "NFL Fever" features 3-D polygonal player models and super-rich graphics, so the experience duplicates the look and feel of playing in an NFL game, not just watching one. Auto-instant replays instantly play back some of the most intense action and moments during a game. After touchdowns, gamers can even do the Merton Hanks "Chicken Dance" and the Ken Norton Jr. "Punching Bag" routine.
  • Easy to play. "NFL Fever" delivers an easier way to play football to casual and hard-core football fans. For instance, the Practice Mode features an open environment where gamers can focus on running moves and plays. "NFL Fever" also features a Universal Playbook for casual gamers, designed to let them learn the basics of NFL style plays, plus an easy-to-learn Play Picker interface and an overall experience designed to be fun, fast and easy to play. Picking plays is also easy and fun to do with "Millen's Plays," a special on-screen recommendation from Matt Millen to help make that game-breaking play.
  • Real-time NFL commentary. Real-time commentary, featuring NFL on Fox commentators Dick Stockton and Matt Millen, calls and analyzes the game as users play along.
  • Precision NFL. All 31 NFL teams, replete with logos, players, uniforms and all the current stadiums, are represented. Even the new 1999 Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans hit the field in their new stadiums. The action is so realistic that gameplay is even affected by the weather, including driving rain and snow.
  • Post-season play. Even post-season play is simulated with action-packed Super Bowl and Pro Bowl scenarios, allowing fans and gamers to play along throughout the post-season.
  • Box features. The box for "NFL Fever" has a sharp look and features Mark Brunell, all-pro quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • NFL Internet updates. Use the NFL Internet update to download roster updates every week of the season.

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