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NCAA Gamebreaker 2003 (PS2) Preview

Background Info

PS2 Screens(6)

The power, speed and pageantry of college football hits the PlayStation 2 gridiron with NCAA GameBreaker 2003. Loaded with 117 Division I-A teams, 66 classic teams from the past, the Heisman™ Trophy, and 27 bowl games plus numerous awards including All-American and All-Conference, NCAA GameBreaker 2003 truly illustrates the depth and excitement of NCAA football.

Specific players on each team, commonly know as GameBreaker's, allow gamers to attack their opponent on both the offensive and defensive side of the football. Blue Chip Recruiting lets you assume the role of a coach by selectively recruiting players at multiple positions in pursuit of college football's most coveted prize, the National Championship. Start as a special teams coach at a smaller Division I-A school and see if you know your X's and O's well enough to be offered a head coaching job at one of the nation's elite football program.

College football announcer Tim Brandt joins legendary announcer Keith Jackson providing NCAA GameBreaker 2003 with a two-man booth for the first time. Multiple classic college fight songs combined with every Division I-A stadium built to lifelike detail truly puts gamers into a true to life college football experience.

Key Features

  • 117 Division I-A Teams and Stadiums – College football gamers will experience in NCAA GameBreaker 2003 the same action, ambiance, emotion and intensity they see in real college football with 117 current Division I-A teams and stadiums, 66 classic teams from the past and 27 bowl games. All the stadiums including Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Cornhusker Stadium in Nebraska, Husky Stadium in Seattle and “The Swamp” in Florida have been built to lifelike detail. ·
  • New Redesigned Game Engine – New player models along with more than 1,000 new running, passing, tackling and catching animations result in a game that looks and plays completely different from the franchise in the past. ·
  • New Two-Man Commentary – Joining legendary college football announcer Keith Jackson in the broadcast booth is college football analyst Tim Brant. Brandt's passion and knowledge of college football is clearly evident in his commentary giving NCAA GameBreaker 2003 the best college football analysis ever. ·
  • New “Hot Routes” – For the first time ever change your receiver's routes at the line of scrimmage without changing your formation. If the defense is in a zone and providing a cushion, call for your receiver to do a quick slant and see what he can do after he catches the ball. If the defense is playing man-to-man, test the DB's speed and send your receiver deep. ·
  • The Heisman™ Trophy – College footballs highest honor, the Heisman™ Trophy, is what Division I-A athletes and gamers in NCAA GameBreaker 2003 pursue while chasing the National Championship. Numerous other awards including All-American, All-Conference, Top 25 rankings, League MVP and position players of the year give you the opportunity to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication throughout the season. ·
  • Coaching Career Mode – Here is your chance to climb the competitive ladder of college coaching and win a National Championship. Start as a head coach or coordinator at one of the smaller schools and see if you really know your X's and O's. Have some success at the University of Connecticut and before you know it, you may be taking over Bobby Bowden's job as Head Coach of the Florida State Seminoles.
  • · Comprehensive College Style Football – Authentic college football formations like the Wishbone, Flexbone, Full House, Power I, and Wing T truly deliver a realistic college football experience. “Blue Chip Recruiting” returns to NCAA GameBreaker 2003 enabling users to heavily recruit at both the High School and Junior College level. Animations that will be part of NCAA GameBreaker 2003 include spin moves, hurdling over defenders, stiff arms, cut blocks, juke moves, stutter steps, shoulder charges and high steps.
  • · 27 Bowl Games plus 11 Hidden Stadiums – Play in 27 bowl games including the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl, FedEx Orange Bowl, Nokia Sugar Bowl, and Rose Bowl. You can also access 11 Easter egg stadiums including a Roman Colisuem, Orbiting Planet Stadium, Space Alien Stadium, Old GameBreaker Bowl, Easter Island Stadium, and Aircraft Carrier Stadium.

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