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Madden 2002 Interview


We recently had a chance to interview Jeremy Strauser, Senior Producer. [Editor's Note: This is the same interview posted on our network site, Madden Mania.] Questions were choosen from our Madden Mania forums.

Part 1

Will the problem of ball carriers getting tackled by guys who are on the ground continue to occur, given that the ball carrier doesn't try to run on top of the guy, or will this be fixed?

    In real life you can't run through someone just because he is on the ground. Even if Warren Sapp gets knocked down, he can still tackle you if you go near him. The CPU is smart enough to avoid players on the ground, or jump over them the user has to do the same thing.

Will you be able to save an entire draft class to import to Madden 2002, or just the seniors from the team you are controlling?

    You can import all graduating seniors to become the draft class although in reality you only draft a small portion of them. .

Will the game factor in realignment for 2002, with the Texans coming into the league?

    Yes after Franchise year 1, you have to go through the expansion draft where you can lose players or you can take control of the Texans. They join the league (with new division alignments) in year 2 of Franchise mode.

Will there be in-game saves, such as that found in the PC version?

    Yes, you can save a game in progress to a memory card.

What types of new animations have been included?

    Quite a few, but we also focused effort on tuning the animations so that you see them in real situations. We've added a ton of new catches, tipped passes and tackles that will play intelligently now.

Will the game have gang tackles?

    In a way it is very difficult to have player models "lock" together and still feel like you have any control during game play, so this type of thing is limited in the game.

Following up the last question, will the game have 1/2 sacks when two players sack the QB?

    No, sorry, we don't split these up.

Will the game store more detailed stats for defensive players, such as tackles for losses, INT return yardage, solo and total tackles?

    Yes on some (tackles for losses, INT yardage), but no on the others we only have total tackles.

What new stadiums will be included?

    We do our best to emulate the real stadiums opening in the NFL. Look for the new Broncos' field for example.

Will the game include an injured reserve and/or inactive roster?

    Yes, in franchise mode.

Is there going to be a pre-season so that you will be able to giving some playing time to newly drafted rookies and see how they perform?

    No, pre-season, but we do have an extensive practice mode, training mode and exhibition game mode to try out the rookies before giving them the start in Franchise Mode..

Any new formations added to the game? Offensively and defensively?

    No, not formations, but we have new sets under existing formations to accurately reflect what is being used in the NFL.

What will the PSX version of Madden 2002 lack from the next-generation titles of Madden?

    That is a pretty broad question. Obviously, graphically it is tough to compete, just can't have as high-res, high-poly players with hundreds of animations on the PSX hardware however PSX still will have a host of new features and the great game play it has always had. My favorite new features in PSX are Training Mode (with telestration from John Madden), ability to "mulligan" a play and the new Madden Classic mode, where you get really retro and relive 16-bit glory days something you can't do in PS2 this year.

We would like to thank Jeremy Strauser for his time in answering our questions. We madden fans really appreciate it!

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