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Madden 2001 (PC,PSX,PS2,N64)

Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: PSX (Mid-Late Aug); PC,N64 (Sept); PS2 (Oct 26)

Background Info

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The Madden franchise is back with a vengeance this year, and is looking to establish its dominance and become the “must have” game on a new platform; The PlayStation 2 console.

This year Madden, a Super Bowl™-winning coach and Emmy award-winning broadcaster, has some company in the game. For the first time ever in a video football game, Madden NFL 2001 incorporates coaches into the mix with the exclusive NFL™ Coaches Club license. Now coaches can be seen on the sidelines, and will give unique coaching strategies for each team.

“CyberScan” technology will also be utilized in the PlayStation 2 console version. EA caught up with the coaches at the owners meeting this spring in Florida and digitized their faces using scans from numerous high-resolution cameras. The technology helps unlock the awesome graphics potential of this new system.

Also for the PC CD, the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 console versions of the game, the coaches were recorded yelling “encouragement” to their players and offering the referees “advice” on how to best call the game.

New for this year's Madden are player models that show a whole new level of detail. Wristbands, visors, facemasks, turf tape and elbow pads exist and are player specific so that each player has the same equipment in the game they use in the real NFL.

Always a leader in the area of realistic gameplay, the weight and height of each player is factored into collisions to help determine how much ground a ball carrier gains as the tackle is made. A small defensive back will have a tough time knocking a big bruising fullback down. On the flip side, the lighter and quicker wide receivers will be able to shake a linebacker during a pass route if the linebacker is forced to cover the receiver due to a blown assignment.

Key Features

  • New player specific touchdown celebration dances and taunts bring the game to life.
  • An all new interface makes the game menus easier to navigate.
  • New defensive controls allow the user to read the offensive set at the line of scrimmage and adjust pass rushing routes, linebacker drops and pass coverage instantly.
  • New dynamically enhanced audio and play-by-play recorded with Madden and his longtime broadcast partner, Pat Summerall.
  • Player models that feature high-resolution graphics and player models proportional to their real life counterparts.

Platform specific features

  • An all new two-minute drill feature lets up to ten gamers compete against each other for the high score (The PlayStation, N64™).
  • It is now possible to collect “Madden Cards” in the game by performing certain tasks, and to trade Madden Cards with friends via memory card (PlayStation, PlayStation 2 console, N64).
  • All new music soundtrack. (PlayStation, PlayStation 2 console, PC CD).
  • Create-a-team allows Madden fans to create their own team by modifying existing rosters with new players, team name, stadium, and even bringing back retired players to teach the new breed a thing or two about old-school football (The PlayStation).
  • Tournament tested on-line internet play allows you to play an entire season online and view your ranking compared to other Madden players, or play other games in EA sponsored tournaments (PC CD).

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