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ESPN NFL 2005 (PS2,Xbox) Preview



ESPN NFL 2005 Screens(13)

Football Friday - 06/11
Given last week’s Football Friday update, it’s quite apparent that ESPN NFL 2K5 is one of the most impressive football games anyone will experience. The visual splendor only scratches the surface on the most complete football video game package this year. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the best looking and best playing football game this season with the inclusion of several new gameplay enhancements:

  • "Maximum Tackle" - Players can now decide to go for the big hit or the wrap-up tackle. While a big hit is harder to execute, it can cause a fumble if successful; the wrap-up tackle is easier to make but allows the ball carrier a chance to escape.
  • "Momentum cutbacks - Player movement is now more realistic with all new momentum cutbacks where players can make defenders over-pursue ball carriers with more effective jukes, head-fakes, stop-n-gos, and more.
  • QB Evade - Need to avoid a tackle but want the QB to stay in the pocket? With the new QB Evade feature, new evasion moves help keep the QB cool when the pressures on.
  • If that weren’t enough, ESPN NFL 2K5 has enhanced defensive adjustments that include player specific adjustments allowing gamers to double team specific receivers, spy on the QB and much more.

    Be sure to check back next week as we continue to celebrate the upcoming video game season with the most remarkable presentation features - brought to you by the worldwide leader in sports.

    Football Friday - 6/5
    And so it begins - a new season for the sports fan is upon us as 32 football teams begin the long journey with one goal: Get to the Super Bowl.

    In time with the football season will be the release of the most anticipated football video game this year - ESPN NFL 2K5. While the release of the game may be months away, it’s never too early for football and with the start of this Friday, ESPN Videogames will be delivering in-depth information on ESPN NFL 2K5 through Football Fridays. Coming Fall 2004, the makers of the highly acclaimed NFL 2k series, together with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, will bring about a new way to see, hear, and experience the virtual football battle.

    Background Info
    ESPN Videogames revealed today new details about their upcoming football title, ESPN NFL 2005. ESPN NFL 2005 will introduce several original features in Franchise Mode, the completely new Maximum Tackle™ system, and further builds upon the exciting ESPN presentation elements that include incorporation of ESPN personalities Suzy Kolber, Trey Wingo, and Mel Kiper, as well as an expanded role for Chris Berman.

    ESPN NFL 2005 features Maximum Tackle™, a new dynamic gameplay mechanic that gives gamers a deeper level of control on both offense and defense. On offense as the ball carrier, the player can fight for extra yards while being tackled; with superstar players, there's even a good chance of breaking out of tackles. On defense, players now have full control when making tackles where they can choose to go for the big highlight hit, or the textbook wrap-up on opponents. Maximum Tackle™ adds a new dimension to the on-field game, offering a realistic and exciting gameplay experience.

    Many enhancements have been made to ESPN NFL 2005's Franchise mode. Couch coaches hungering for the next innovations will be amazed with several new additions including week-to-week prep of the team's training and workout schedules, the ability to direct the coaches focus, and a new watch-and-react visual simulator.

    Further realizing the commitment to telecast quality, ESPN NFL 2005 will feature energetic Suzy Kolber as both sideline and post-game interview reporter. SportsCenter anchor Trey Wingo, and ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. offer insight and opinion on the happenings in the NFL. A true-to-life representation of Chris Berman will provide game wrap-ups and all the hard-hitting highlights from the week's games.

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