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SGN's Top PS2 Sports Games of 2001

Top PS2 Sports Games of the Year
Top Xbox Sports Games of the Year
Top DC Sports Games of the Year
Top PC Sports Games of the Year

Top PS2 Football Game of the Year

  • Madden 2002 : "The back of the game case proclaims this game is '#1 for a reason.'" -- James Smith With an improved passing game and secondary AI, Madden 2002 is definitely the top pigskin pick for the PS2.
  • Runner-up : NCAA 2002 : EA Sports' other football titel for the PS2, NCAA 2002, is definitely worthy of a runner-up award.

Top PS2 Soccer Game of the Year

  • Pro Evolution Soccer : "Less than a year after releasing the amazing ISS Pro Evolution 2 for the PSX, Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo were back turning the soccer gaming world on it's ear with Pro Evolution Soccer for the PS2. Easily the greatest live-action soccer simulation ever, Pro Evo Soccer is the hardcore soccer fan's dream. Featuring a whole host of new gameplay additions including a plethora of new player control options, improved ball physics and some of the best AI seen in a sports game, KCET have once again raised the bar for soccer simulations to come and further solidified their reputation as one of the best, yet lamentably least heralded, sports game developers in the world. " -- Lavan Chandran

Top PS2 Racing Game of the Year

  • Gran Turismo 3 : "Think of GT3 as a game that has a blend of realism and arcade elements. The mix is pretty good, but you must understand the limitations of it. But the amount of play and value you get with the game is unquestionable. Fans of racing as well as the casual gamer will want this title in their PS2 library." -- James Smith
  • Runner-up : NASCAR Thunder 2002 : "Much like Madden 2002, NASCAR Thunder 2002 deserves a most improved award. The graphics have improved while the field was nearly doubled, and the career mode is one of the best you'll find in a racing game. The racing is better than most titles, and this leads to a fun experience." -- James Smith

Top PS2 Basketball Game of the Year

  • NBA Street : "NBA Street creates a whole new genre within the basketball genre. Not only do you have to be able to play street ball, but you also have to be able to break some ankles and score with style, not just a wussy 15-foot jump shot, which likely would get rejected/goaltended in the game. Got to be able to take it to the hole and slam it in someone's face." -- James Chheng
  • Runner-up: NBA Live 2002 : "Live 2002 for the PS2 is an improvement over Live 2001. There are still some things that need tuning, and if EA can get those straightened out, basketball fans will have a tough choice choosing which basketball title is the best available. Even with some flaws, NBA Live 2002 is entertaining. " -- James Smith

Top PS2 Snowboarding Game of the Year

  • SSX Tricky : "SSX Tricky is a near-perfect follow-up to SSX. It has improved gameplay, fantastic DTS surround sound, stunning graphics, and DVD-like menus and extras that put the DVD-ROM format to good use. Put off saving for that new snowboard and buy this game now! " -- Cliff O'Neill

Top PS2 Skateboarding Game of the Year

  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 : "To paraphrase the immortal words of KISS: You wanted the best and you got the best--the hottest skateboarding game in the world, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3! 'Nough said. " -- Cliff O'Neill

Top PS2 BMX Game of the Year

  • Dave Mirra BMX Freestyle 2 : "What's left to say about Mirra 2 other than it is one of the best action-sports titles available, rivaling the great Tony Hawk series? " -- Cliff O'Neill

Top PS2 Hockey Game of the Year

  • NHL 2002 : "All in all, NHL 2002 is really a must buy for most PS2 hockey fans. It's not the answer to your hockey simulation prayers, but it's a solid arcade game that's fun, addictive, and a major improvement over last year's version in terms of both the gameplay and the in-game features. " -- Lavan Chandran

Top PS2 Boxing Game of the Year

  • Victorious Boxing "Boxing games on the PS2 are few and far between and have generally not captured the hearts of die-hard boxing fans. VB may fall short in terms of graphics and options, but the bread-and-butter of any game, the gameplay, is outstanding. You won't find a better, more enjoyable boxing game than this. " -- Tim Martin

Top PS2 Baseball Game of the Year

  • All Star Baseball 2002 : Between All Star Baseball 2002, High Heat 2002 and Triple Play, the award goes to Acclaim's All Star Baseball 2002 just by a little. This is a decent game at best, but a better option than High Heat 2002 and Triple Play.

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