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SGN's Holiday Guide 1999

Unsure of what games to buy? Don't want to read the reviews? Well, we knew some of you would be unsure what to buy and don't have the time to read the reviews for all of the games. We at SGN put together a holiday guide which includes our Top 5 sports videogames for each system on the market this holiday shopping season.

Top 5 PC Sports Titles
Top 5 Dreamcast Sports Titles
Top 5 Playstation Sports Titles
Top 5 Nintendo 64 Sports Titles

1. High Heat 2000 (PC)
With its unprecedented combination of graphics, gameplay options, course offerings, playability and difficulty variation, Links LS '99 is simply the best PC golf sim currently available on the market.
2. NBA Live 2000 (PC)
Even with its few flaws, NBA Live 2000's realistic gameplay, incredible replay value and eye candy graphics make this a must-have for any basketball gamers. Can't go wrong spending 36 dollars on this title.
3. Madden 2000 (PC)
Madden 2000 is very playable online, especially with a cable modem. The game is still playable with a 56k modem. I've had numerous exciting games on EA's Madden Net and in Crushem's Madden 2000 online league. Not into online play? Madden 2000 will last you for months till the next football season starts with its revolutionary franchise mode. Well worth the dough.
4. NFL Fever 2000 (PC)
A very impressive rookie title from Microsoft. The game is very limited in options, but excels in the gameplay and graphics department. NFL Fever 2000 goes for only 20 bucks, which is considered a baragin.
5. NBA Inside Drive 2000
Stay away from this game if you are looking for a plethora of options and features. Although very limited in features, NBA Inside Drive 2000's realistic gameplay is unmatched. Along with the gameplay, comes the price tag of only 20 dollars, makes this game a must buy for any basketball gamers.
We had a very tough time narrowing the list of PC sports titles to 5. Here are some of the titles that came very close to making our top 5 PC sports titles. Tiger Woods 99, PGA 99 and Jack Nicklaus 6 are all very good titles to consider purchasing. However, Tiger Woods 2000 is coming out in mid January, and it might be better to hold off on Tiger Woods 99 if you have not played any of the other two series before. As far as racing titles, Sportscar GT, NASCAR 3 and NFS High Stakes are good products to purchase to satisfy your racing needs.

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