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Swedish Touring Car Championship Patch
Publisher : 3DO
Size : 3.68 MB

Fixes since Version 1.31.

  • Change in the input system so joysticks/wheels connected to the gameport won't cause this big drop in framerate
  • Option in the lobby as well and a new script command "noai", "on" or "off", to remove the server controlled players in multiplayer.
  • Option in the multiplayer lobby to turn the race into a ghost race. Good if the internet has a bad day :).
  • Lobby update frequency decreased. This will prevent the overflow errors on slow connections.
  • Server timer precision changed. This could result in better laptimes in multiplayer than in singleplayer.
  • End of race score screen was lost on some systems.
  • New admin commands. Admin command list now: /admin, /topic, /users, /kick, /broadcast.
  • Server ban lists now supported. Just add "Ban " in the "server.cfg" file.
  • STCC should no longer loose keyboard focus. This happend on a few systems.
  • Screenshots doesn't overwrite old ones.
  • Minor fix to the car shadow.
  • Minor fix to the AI.

    Fixes since Version 1.3.
  • Multiplayer game modes with less than 16 players will now work correctly.
  • Minor change to the lobby system to make servers behind firewalls/proxys work. More info on how to setup such a system in "server\readme.txt".
  • Lobbyserver logging now with client logon/logoff info in "lobbyserver.log". Just so the server admins can see how popular their servers are :)
  • "View world ranking" button in the device setup menu is now implemented.
  • "CPU Power 8" script now correct with 8 drivers.

    Fixes since Version 1.2.
    NOTE! All your highscores made with version 1.2 *WILL* be removed when running this patch. This cause of changes in physics and updates of format to allow highscore uploads.

  • Improved client connection phase with a new multiplayer only exe file, "STCCMulti.exe". This should fix the "Can't find gameserver!" problems.
  • Now possible to play LAN games with only one CD, just install the game on all machines(full installation) and then start "STCCLobby.exe". The server still needs the CD to be able to start a local server.
  • Fixed spelling of Chrysler Stratus.
  • Direct gear assignment removed from controller setup. (Since it isnt supported in game)
  • Fixed realtime update of the music volume in the ingame menu.
  • In reverse mode the cars will reset in the correct direction.
  • Fixed TrueColour/Z-buffer problem. Init 16-bit Z, if failed init 32-bit Z (TNT).
  • Multiplayer chat during replay now. Recorded chat messages will be filtered out.
  • If the speed of a car is below 10 km/h for more than 5 seconds it will ghost out. To prevent road blocks :)
  • Double score in the last championship event.
  • Multiplayer championships now correct with two Anderstorp races and double score in the last event.
  • Tire choices now works, only soft tires before.
  • Gear box choices fast acceleration and high speed swapped.
  • Timeout on the car and carsettings menues in multiplayer.
  • Random weather conditions in multiplayer championships.
  • No rate LOD on rates above 20. This gives smoother car movements with high rates, consumes a bit more bandwidth though.
  • Fixed so spectators can't ride with dropped players.
  • Fixed the "start with no fog, choose fog from ingame-menu, fog is black" bug.
  • You no longer drive faster by using only 6th gear.
  • AI overtake slightly improved.
  • Start/goal line moved to correct place on Falkenberg. (The AI now drive correctly on that track)
  • The menues remembers the last selected car, track and weather.
  • Tyre choice always AUTOMATIC in multiplayer.
  • Player names updated correctly in the lobby.
  • Lobby text flood protection, kick and 10 min banning.
  • Mid checkpoint added on all tracks.
  • AI strength upper limit now 140% (level 0 in multiplayer scripts).
  • A few new multiplayer gamemode scripts added.
  • Added time difference display when passing the finish line.
  • Improved forcefeedback.
  • Highscore upload, see your own highscores on (if they are good enough :)
  • Server "readme.txt" file added in the "Server" directory. This file was missing in the retail version, hope this makes it easier to setup dedicated servers :)
  • FOV locked to 80 in incar view and limited to max 85 in hood view.
  • Correct multiplayer chat sound.
  • Fixed the lockup when not detecting any hardware D3D-devices.
  • Highscore now supports up to 30 laps, and it's also possible to choose a race of up to 30 laps in Single Race and Time Attack.
  • White screen during loading should be fixed.
  • Multiplayer prediction bug fixed. The cars should be much smoother in multiplayer now.
  • Highscores such as "best lap-time" will now be saved when restarting a race in timeattack or single race.
  • Ingame multiplayer chat improved.

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