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WCW/NWO World Tour (N64)

Submission Hold Trick
This trick can be performed when put into any hold. If you are facing another player or facing the computer and he/she puts you in a hold, push the analog stick to the left corner and hold it there. If done right you should stay in that hold until you let go of the analog stick. Here's an example: Say you and a friend are playing (Malenko vs. Hogan) and Malenko puts Hogan in the texas cloverleaf, the person playing as Hogan holds down the analog stick to the left corner he will be in that submission hold until he taps out or releases the analog stick. The player putting the submission hold on can't do this trick, only the person being put in it.

Using your Smarts with Specials
This is a code that will help you with your specials. When your opponent has a special on, just get out of the ring and taunt him until his special is over. Then when you get back in, you'll have your special. When you have yours, you probably already know how to perform the special, so I'll tell you the best way to perform it. When you do the finisher from the front, it's usually a powerful move (Chokeslam, Diamond Cutter), but from behind is usually a pin or submission. That is helpful because you can do it from the front, then the back and you've got yourself and easy win.

Top-Rope Clothesline
To do a clothesline from the top rope with a teammate first choose two tag members (I prefer Mysterio and Malenko) again any light wrestlers. Next play your match as usual but when your opponent is fazed, stand behind him and get him in a grapple. When you do, press the R button and he will be placed on your shoulders. Next your tag partner (remember to be played by a friend and is focused on the wrestler) has to climb the nearest turnbuckle and the tag partner with the wrestler on his shoulders should move to that turnbuckle. The partner on the turnbuckle when then leap and clothesline the opponent on the shoulders and he will lose a lot of energy. This can guarenntee a T.K.O or easy pinfall. This move can be executed from inside or out.

Automatic Give Up
If your oppenent puts you in a sleeper hold or headlock and you tap the control stick to get out, you will submit and loose the match. Be careful when using the control stick trick for getting out of pins and submissions.

Legend of Doom
You MUST have the match on tag and need a player for your teammate. To do this trick (L.O.D) you need your opponent to be hurt and on the ground. Pick him/her up and grapple them strongly ( push and hold A) from behind. Then push the R button and he will get on your shoulders and walk to the nearest turnbuckle. Have your friend get on the ropes you are closest to and get on them (run towards the turnbuckle) and hold the run button (C down) and have him wait for you to get close. When you get close enough have him let go of the run buttonand BAM he will go down and might get a TKO.

Double Teaming
You and the computer(or your friend) go by your opponent. Press A at his head and you will do a double suplexs. If you go behind and your friend (or computer) in front and press A you will do a double PowerBomb. If you faces the back of him wlth your friend (or computer) you will do a double BullDog.

Easy and Quick TKO's
#1 - This isn't really a code but it is a quick TKO. first pick the Giant. Go to any mat and throw the oppenent out of the ring (hold A and push towards the closest ropes and C down. You need to be real close to the ropes though. When he is out of the ring taunt to get a special then when he gets in the ring do your special like my last code. The Giant should do his choke slam. Just keep doing that till the oppenent is TKO'D you might not TKO him/her the first time but it is quick. Once I finished someone in 58 seconds. It is real cool. This code works good in a leage challenge to get new people.

#2 - I found a quick and easy way to TKO an opponent.At the starting of the match get your opponent into a weak grapple then throw him into the ropes when he bounces off the ropes and heads back for you hit the L button right before he reaches you. This will allow you to drop and let your opponent run over you, keep repeating this and you will notice that your spirit is raising (your opponents isn't)
After you've had your opponent run back and forth for a minute or so while you hit L and watch him run over you(I think this might be a glitch in the game since your opponent will run forever as long as you keep hitting the L button allowing your opponent to run over you). Once you get your spirit up into red stop hitting L and when your opponent runs to you just do a regular A move (it's important that you don't first go into special because when you go into special you do a taunt which would allow your opponent to escape) and knock your opponent down, this should send you into special, then just pick your opponent up and finish him off with your specials.

Note: this trick sounds confusing but it's actually really simple. It works best with guys like Norton or Nash, it takes about 2 minutes to defeat your oppenent. This trick allows you to beat even the best opponent

#3 - SUPER TKO: Go into EXIBITION and into 1-on-1 Pick Joe Bruiser to be you character and pick a cruiserweight for the computer, or your friend (Rey Mysterio Jr. works the BEST!) Bet some money on it with your friend that you will beat him in under 10 seconds (I don't suggest this unless you've got practice). As soon as you start, press C-DOWN and right before you hit him press the B button. Then, pick him up and hold UP and press A If you did it right, you will have a TKO in under 10 seconds!!!

#4 - VERY EASY TKO's: To get a TKO on an opponent in WCW vs. nWo in less then 1:35 do the following
Select a wrestler that can do a clothesline (ie Scott Hall)
When in the match do 6-7 clotheslines in a row on your opponent.
After the 7th one start doing a submission move. Your opponent should give-up. If not just keep repeating the submission move after every clothesline you perform. Should not take more then 10 tries.

Really cool tricks
1. Double Team - Here's how to do a double powerbomb!

Play a tag match with a friend.
Isolate an opponent and make him groggy.
One person get in front of the opponent and one behind.
Both of you press the grapple button at the same time.
This will make a double powerbomb!
Note - Try standing in different places to do a different move.

2. Here's how to knock an opponent out of the ring by jumping or falling to the mat.

Throw an opponent into the ropes.
Move to the opposite side. (throw to the left, go to the right, and so forth)
When the opponent comes to you, press the left shoulder button. The opponent will fall out of the ring.

Quick Recovery From Submission Or Pin
When in a submission or pin, tap the control stick (not pad) continuosly in one direction to get out of pin faster. Be warned however, if you do this too much it will strain your wrestler causing him to give up. Only use it towards the end of the match when you really think it's neccesary.

Sliding for victory
To slide across the WCW mat you first need to throw or hit the oppenent out of the ring. Get on the other side of the ring and when he gets up start to run at him when you get to the WCW logo let go of Cdown and push and hold R,A and B. The player you are will either dive or slide across the WCW mat and nail him. It depends on the player you are to dive or slide. I know that the Giant does not do it because of his size.

Teamate Traitors
First: You go to options an select realism mode.

Second: You go to the exhibition mode on the 2 on 1 mode put you and the computor together, you select any player (from wcw) and then pick hogan and another player from the NwO.

Third: You throw out your opponet and when you and your partner go out of the ring you get a forgen object and hit your partner with it then start beating your opponet.

Your partner should turn on you, but you can only hit him... you cant grab a hold of him.

Perform Opponent's Move
Varied Examples:

When you get your Special Spirit going, do a strong grapple to your opponent, and press A + B at the same time. Then you will do their finishing move to them. For example...Hulk Hogan could do the Diamond Cutter to Diamond Dallas Page. Some of the Finishing Moves can only be done by the person who does them though, and instead of doing their finishing move, you'll do one of their regular moves.

First get your Spirit Meter Flashing Special then use a strong grapple (hold down A) and then press A + B simultanously. Example if Sting has a Special and Luger's back is facing Sting use the strong grapple(hold down A). Then press A+B simultanously to do the Torture Rack on Luger.

You can use your opponents SPECIAL move!!! All you have to do is get SPECIAL for your wrestler, Strong Grapple, then push the A and B buttons at the same time and you should perform your opponents special move, i.e. Scott Hall vs. Lex Luger or DDP(it probably works for more people), if you grapple from behind against Luger, Hall will do Luger's back strong grapple move, the Torture Rack, against DDP Hall can use the Diamond Cutter on DDP. REMEMBER, you can't hold onto A thinking your holding the grapple. Release the A after Strong Grappling then while in the strong grapple release a and press A and B at the same time.

Team Move
To do the team move you need two people(you and a friend).One person grapple the other opponnent(the CPU) from behind with either a weak or strong grapple, then press the 'R' button.This will put the opponnent on the man's shoulders.At the same time the other player presses the right 'c' button to get himself focused on the opponnent.Then he climbs the turnbuckle.When he jumps, he will launch at the opponnent and give him a flying clothesline off of your friends shoulder.But beware, if you want to keep fighting after this move, DON'T do it.It is a very devastating move.It just might TKO them after the first one.Also, if you grapple the opponnent from behind, press the 'L' button and you will hold the opponnent for your friend to beat on.

Ultra Power Win
Be your favorite heavyweight wrestler. Follow the instructions below.

1. Start the match with a weak grapple,and throw the opponent outta the ring.

2. If your are NwO,throw em back and forth until they stay down for at least 2 seconds. Then take somethin from outside and beat em stupid. MAKE SURE OUTSIDE COUNT IS OFF. When you feel you have just inialated your opponent put em back in. Then strong grapple and perform the standing clothesline (with nash its strong grapple and A). Keep doing this. Then when your spirit is totally nuts do yer special and kaboom. This takes a short time to do.

2b. If you are WCW,do the same thing till you grab something. Dont grab anything. Throw your opponent up and down from the left or right side of the ring for a good view. Once you throw your opponent follow them. once they hit the bars press b. Then you will hit em twice. you can do this with NwO but it works better with the objects. It takes too long to do this with WCW cause you dont grab stuff too fast. then do everything from above. All ya gotta do is follow the instructions and change from the objects to the running hits.

Floating Fighter
When some one is crouching on the ropes, go over to them and press A to throw them off immediately you press A, keep moving the control "stick" to taunt (keep taping and taping) when the person hits the ground, you should perform a taunt and that person should float in the middle of the ring, crouching and spinning in mid-air like he were on the ropes.. The person floating, can NOT do anything the only way to get him down is to punch him, Grapple him or jump of the ropes. This can be useful if you want to Taunt up to special

Easy Win
While in the ring go to the left sides ropes and strong grapple to throw the other player out of the ring. Once other player is out of the ring make sure he/she is down then run over to the right side of the ring opposite of the CPU player and get in the ring. Stay on the apron or just stay on the right side of the ring and the dumb CPU will just stand there and get counted out every time.

Prevent Rope Breaks
You can rip off your opponents mask by picking a character with the eyee gaugee move (Syxx). When your opponent is on the floor facing up place your character by the opponents head then press the A button. He/She will start pulling on your opponents mask. You have to do this 2-7 times before your opponent losses his mask. When your opponents mask is torn off his spirit bar fills up.

Little Tricks
First off when running or when thrown to dodge under an attack hit the shoulder button and you'll sommersault roll under.

If you play as one of the masked wrestlers (such as Rey Mysterio Jr. and Black Ninja), you can do a back flip onto your opponent by running towards the ropes, and hitting the A-Button when near them.

Second when climbing the ropes either immeadiatly press [A] - [B] or keep the button pressed until you stop at the top. Keep holding down one of those buttons and move the analog control. Your wrestler should then stand balanced on the top rope. Your resulting leap will be far more effective and dramatic.

Pinning Outsider's Edge: Attain the Flashing Spirit Meter, Hold the A button for a strong grapple and Tap the Analog Stick.

Alternate costumes - Press C-Left or C-Right at the player selection screen.

Three Times Three Count Win - Pin your opponent. If the announcer starts counting down then release your opponent and pin him again. Repeat this three times to win.

Rip off Masks
You can rip off your opponents mask by picking a character with the eyee gaugee move (Syxx). When your opponent is on the floor facing up place your character by the opponents head then press the A button. He/She will start pulling on your opponents mask. You have to do this 2-7 times before your opponent losses his mask. When your opponents mask is torn off his spirit bar fills up.

Secret Characters
To access Wrath, beat DOA in league challenge mode.
To access Glacier, beat IU in league challenge mode.
To access Diamond Dallas Page, beat WCW in league challenge mode.
To access Macho Man Randy Savage, beat nWo in league challenge mode.

When you beat all these you get an extra menu called Whole World Wrestling After you beat Heavyweight and Cruserweight you must beat every single one guy for these. Then you face a boss and if you win you can play as the boss. The bosses are as follows:
WWW Super Heavy = Joe Bruiser WWW Super Cruiser = BlackWidow

Special Moves
To do a special move, get your spirit meter to flash special as described in the directions. The when going for the grapple, hold down A to make your guy move his arms before going for the grapple. This is caleld a strong grapple. After this, tap the thumbstick. (This is explained horribly in the directions.)

Foreign Objects
Getting foreign objects from the crowd is easier depending on who you are. Hollywood Hulk Hogan is a real dirty player and he almsot always pulls somethign from the crowd. Dean Malenko on the other hand, hardly ever gets objects.

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