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WCW/NWO Revenge (N64)

Play Dead Anywhere:
Pretend you are dead! When you get knocked down simply hold the control stick in any direction and you will stay on the ground as long as you want.

Tons of Weapons at Sting's Sign
Anytime during a match,go outside the ring by Sting's black and white poster and try to grab a weapon.Once you get a weapon,that exact spot will give you at least 5 weapons,5 times in a row. SUBMITTED BY:

New Outfits at Intro
Want to see a new introduction?? Modify the outfits and watch the intro again.

Be Mortis
Once you win the TV title you get to play as Kanyon. Go to the Exhibition mode and select a one or two player match. Player one first must select Kanyon and when they do that player two can select Mortis by going to Kanyon's spot on the roster.

Nitro Arena Bug
If you are fighting in the entrance just throw your opponent at the black door at the end. He will bounce off the door like he was thrown against the ropes.

Playable Managers
Go to One-on-One Exhibition match and choose wrestlers that have managers. After you start play, press Z on the 3rd and 4th controlers and you will take control of the managers.

Cool Entrance
If you want Sting to come down from the ceiling, go to battle royal, pick any number above 4 wrestlers (the higher the number the better your chances), and pick anyone except Sting. Sting will now enter from the ceiling when you get someone out of the ring.

Ultra Secret Characters
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Get the World Heavyweight Belt to get Roddy Piper.

Curt Hennig - Win all nine rounds of the U.S. Heavyweight competition to get Curt Henning.

Kanyon - Get the TV title to play Kanyon in the WCW.

Kidman - Get the Cruiserweight Belt to play Kidman.

Meng and Barbarian - Get the Tag Team Belts to play Meng and Barbarian.

THQ Man - Highlight AKI man and press C-Down.

Get Opponents Special Moves
Once your spirit meter is flashing "Special" you must grapple your opponent and hit the A and B buttons at the same time. You will then do their special move.

Use opponent's ground moves:
Press A + B together while your opponent is on the ground.

Use same taunt:
Rotate the Analog-stick in a counter-clockwise circular motion at the
exact moment as your opponent or tag team member uses a taunt. If in tag
team or battle royal mode then your wrestler will use the taunt of the
wrestler he is focused on.

Alternate taunts:
Hold Down on the Analog-stick while your wrestler is standing. Your
wrestler will do the taunt that is normally done when getting up from a

Get out of any pin or submission move:
Move the Analog-stick while your character is in a submission move or

Easy way to make your spirit:
Go on the top rope, then press the Analog-stick to execute a taunt. Jump
at your opponent when gets near.

Wrath As Playable Character
(You must have a gameshark for this code to work.)

Enter the gameshark code:

890F9D36 0240
890F9D60 42B4
8107E8B2 0403

Select any wrestler and he will be Wrath and now win any belt with Wrath. Now that Wrath is the champion win the belt back with any wrestler and it will say that you have known unlocked a secret character. You can know play as Wrath without the gameshark.(Some of the moves are very glitchy)


1.Enter the gameshark code to play as Wrath.
2.Select any wrestler and he will be Wrath.
3.Win any belt (U.S. Champ for example) with Wrath.
4.Now select a different wrestler (Raven for example)
5.Now have Raven win the U.S. beltand he will fight Wrath for the belt.
6.After winning the belt Wrath is now a playable character.

Do A Low Blow/Desperation Move
Let the opposing wrestler execute any move on you. When you are getting up hold R and press and hold B and you will do a low blow.

Note: Some peole do a drop kick, clothesline, minuature spear. This is fun to do on friends

Win a Battle Royal Very Easily
1.First set up the battle royal with whatever you want but set the battle royal to:

1 Player Computer
2 Player Computer

2.Then when you start the battle royal, Pause the game with controller 1 and take out controller 2.
3. Insert controller 2 into player 3 or 4's controller socket and unpause it.
4. Wait 5 seconds so you can move the computer around then pause it again and swith controller 2 back to the 2nd controller socket.
5.When you unpause the game then repeat the steps 1-4 except on the opposite computer player(if you first did socket 3 then do socket 4)
6. If you did it properly the computer players won't ever move again in that battle royal (it is especially useful on the hard difficulty setting).

Managers With Weapons
If you were excited about playable managers, then get ready! To get managers with weapons, go to exibition mode and select single match. Then choose your character as anyone you want. But for the computer oponent, select a character with a manager. As the match starts, instead of fighting, step out of the ring and throw your oponents manager into one of the doorways(in the Nitro or Superbrawl arenas.) It might take a couple of tries, but eventually the manager should come running out with a weapon in his hands! Well good luck!

Silver Belts
To get silver belts in W.C.W./n.W.o. Revenge go through the intro until you see Hollywood Hogan with a
microphone press A and then go to Championship and the belts will be in silver.

Forever Pin For Han Zo Man
This trick will let you pin someone forever in a tag-team match. First go to a tag team match for two players. Have one of the players Pick Han Zo Man. Put the settings on tag format. Get Han Zo Man to be outside the ring and get him up to special. Then when the sign GET IN pops up go in the ring and do your special move to your other opponent who is also outside the ring. When Han Zo Man does his pinning special he will stay in it forever! unless you get off or kick him.

Spray Paint the World Heavyweight Belt
To spraypaint the the world heavyweight belt win the belt with anyone from the nWo Hollywood group and win the world heavyweight belt with them. Then when you go see them with the belt on in the championship mode he will be wearing the belt with spraypainted letters nWo. (It looks best on Hollywood Scum Hogan)

Do Opponents Ground Grapple
When you gain special knock your opponent down and move next to his head and press the A & B buttons at the same time and you should do your opponents ground hold. Its pretty cool. (Works with mostly all wrestlers)

Slide To The Outside Of The Ropes
To slide outside of the ropes, but not down all the way to the mat outside of the ring, you have to do this: First, you have to run at the ropes. Then you press Up-C. Your wrestler will then tumble under the ropes to the outside, other than having to climb over the ropes and waist time. It works the same way from the outside of the ring, but you don't tumble onto the apron, you jump up there. (Note: This is especially good if you're in a hurry for those high flying moves off the turnbuckles)

Weapon List
The official list of all the Weapons in WCW/nWo Revenge. Some may be left out and there are certain
exclusivness to some that may not be noted (if you know, mail them in).

Black Bat
Silver Bat
Stop Sign
Trash Can
Suite Case
Piece of table
Sledge Hammer (Dake Ken only)

Cheat Directory:

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Nintendo 64
- PlayStation 2

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