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NCAA Final Four (PSX) Preview

Publisher: 989 Sports
Release Date: Fall 1998

Key Features

  • NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99 will be the most comprehensive, realistic college basketball game on the PlayStation offering 305 NCAA 1-A teams and arenas. Packed with a state of the art 3D game engine NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99 will have superior graphics with a huge emphasis placed on player models, team uniforms and arena graphics.
  • A fast paced game with college basketball features that include numerous offensive and defensive strategies, above the rim slam dunks, alley-oops and a TV style presentation with camera cutaways and zoom ins illustrate the rich college detail put into NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99.
  • NCAA Division 1-A basketball broadcaster Quinn Buckner's play by play announcing combined with motion capture animation by NCAA Division 1-A All-American Paul Pierce indicate the true college realism packed into NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99.
  • New features include animating crowds where fans react to the game by getting out of their seats cheering, booing and waving their hands. A new shot meter allows players to realistically shoot with precise control and rhythm. New animations include players diving for loose balls, player collisions, and coaches walking the sideline and animated referees.
  • NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99 will also have the features sports video game players expect. This includes 19 individual statistics that to name a few include games played, minutes, points per game, field goal percentage, etc.
  • There will be 13 different team statistics along with 1st and 2nd All-American and All-Conference Teams, a national player of the year and a national conference player of the year for each conference. Throw in home and away uniforms for every team, 4 different play modes, countless options and multiple camera views and you have the best college basketball game ever made.
  • All 305 Division 1-A Teams and Arenas - Choose your favorite Division 1-A team and bang the boards against their biggest rival or pit a classic college match-up like Duke vs. Carolina, Kentucky vs. Louisville or Georgetown vs. Syracuse.
  • State of the Art 3D Game Engine - 3D players are sculptured to unparalleled player detail while performing the most fluid, life-like movements of college basketball players.
  • NCAA Division 1-A Realism - NCAA Division 1-A basketball broadcaster Quinn Buckner delivers unmatched play calling while offering insightful bits of information only found in an experienced college broadcaster. A TV style presentation with multiple camera angles, and animating crowds puts you at center court.
  • Paul Pierce Motion Capture - NCAA Division 1-A All American from the University of Kansas Paul Pierce was motion captured providing NCAAŽ Final FourŽ '99 with the most realistic movements, tendencies, attributes and reactions players make at the Division 1-A level.
  • New "Shot Meter" Control Shooting- Utilize the new shot meter for realistic, uncontested shooting accuracy and control. Icon passing and switching puts you in complete control of your offense and defense.
  • College Style Action - Run a vast variety of offensive and defensive strategies like man to man, zone, full court press, 2-3 zone, 1-3-1 zone, 2-1-2 zone, box set, motion, high post, 3 point and more. Slam-dunk with authority while receiving the alley-oop pass from half court. Qualify for the NCAA Division 1-A 64 team tournament and battle for the National Championship
  • Comprehensive Stat Tracking - Track your team or favorite player in 32 different categories. 1st and 2nd All-American and All-Conference Teams, National Player of the Year and Conference players of the year
  • 4 Difficulty Levels - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. 3 game modes: Exhibition, Season and Tournament.

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