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NBA Shootout 2000 (PSX) Preview

Publisher: 989 Sports
Release Date: December 1999

Background Info

989 Sports™ announced today that NBA ShootOut 2000, which features all NBA teams, players and new, team-specific NBA playbooks, will be available for the PlayStation" game console this November. NBA ShootOut 2000 also boasts all-new 3D player and arena graphics, advanced NBA gameplay, a revolutionary "Create A Dunk" option and a TV-style presentation with commentary from New Jersey Nets' broadcaster Ian Eagle.

"NBA ShootOut 2000 incorporates the latest technology as well as all of the great 989 Sports' exclusive features that have made the NBA ShootOut series so popular," said Jeffrey Fox, vice president, marketing, 989 Studios. "We have received rave reviews from NBA players who have tested and consulted on this year's game. No other PlayStation basketball videogame has the moves, look, feel and features of NBA ShootOut 2000."

Exclusive to NBA ShootOut 2000 is a proprietary high-tech game engine, all-new Touch Shooting™, Touch Dribbling™ and "Create A Dunk" option. Touch Shooting lets the gameplayer control the accuracy of his shot, while Touch Dribbling allows the player to dribble between the legs and around the back, in addition to being able to execute a "cross-over" dribble, all with just the press of a button. The "Create A Dunk" option gives the gamer the ability to customize his own style of dunking.

Every subtle and personalized move of the NBA, including more than 40 signature dunks, has been motion captured to amazing detail with the help of NBA players such as Brevin Knight of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charles "Bo" Outlaw of the Orlando Magic, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics and Robert Horry of the Los Angeles Lakers. More than 150 new player moves include drop-steps from the post, one-handed bounce passes, turn-around fade-away shots, reverse lay-ups and finger rolls—just to name a few.

The gameplay control features – Read and React AI™, Matchup and Deny AI™, Icon Cutting™, Icon Passing™ and Icon Switching™ - give the gamer ultimate control and an authentic NBA feel. Gamers can call plays on the fly from specific team playbooks or call for cutters, screens and double teams, all with the press of a button. Gamers can create customized plays with the new "Play Editor" and build individual players with the new "Create Player" feature. NBA ShootOut 2000 also includes complete roster management, full season and game statistics and a variety of different gameplay modes, from exhibition to the NBA Finals.

Key Features

  • All-new, state-of-the-art game engine delivers a new level of graphics and gameplay
  • New animations include fake around-the-back passes, reverse lay-ups, finger rolls, no-look passes, spins and more than 40 signature dunks
  • Revolutionary "Create A Dunk" option lets gamers customize their own dunking style
  • All-new large 3D polygonal players scaled to actual height and weight with exact player faces
  • New Touch Shooting lets the gameplayer control the accuracy of his shot
  • Touch Dribbling allows the player to change dribbling styles
  • New motion capture animations from real NBA players, including Brevin Knight from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charles "Bo" Outlaw from the Orlando Magic, Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics and Robert Horry from the Los Angeles Lakers
  • New TV-style presentation with play-by-play commentary from New Jersey Nets' broadcaster Ian Eagle
  • Customize a player with the "Create Player" feature, including physical attributes and playing ability
  • Design a play and save it to a custom playbook with the "Play Editor" feature
  • Real NBA playbooks, made by real NBA players, designed specifically for each team's specific style of play
  • All 29 NBA teams and updated player rosters
  • All-new arenas with animated crowds
  • Read and React AI lets the offense run plays that expose defensive weaknesses
  • Matchup and Deny AI lets the defense read and run the offense into disarray
  • Updated Icon Cutting, Icon Passing and Icon Switching
  • Complete roster management: Create, trade, release, sign and draft players
  • Gameplay modes: Exhibition, Tournament, NBA All-Star game, Playoffs and the NBA Finals
  • Full season and game statistics
  • Real NBA awards: MVP, scoring, rebounding, Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year
  • Up to eight players can play with a Multi-tap adapter

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