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March Madness 2003 (PS2) Preview

Background Info

PS2 Screens(10)


Do you dream of cutting down the net in New Orleans? Now is your chance with NCAA® March Madness™ 2003 - the ultimate college basketball experience.

From the crazed fans in the stands, to the mascots on the court, to the fight songs being played in the arenas - NCAA March Madness 2003 captures the spirit and excitement that is unique to college basketball.

Key Features

  • New EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Control Sweet crossovers, triple threat moves, post moves, and strip steals. String your moves together by using the right analog stick. Pull off what you want, when you want it-all with unprecedented two-handed control. ·
  • College Atmosphere: Get the ultimate college basketball experience with new fully animated 3D crowds, 48 49 mascots, over 100 120 fight songs and more than 300 crowd chants; choose from one of 162 schools from the top 15 conferences. ·
  • Quick Plays for Quick Scores and Stops Call plays on the fly to control the game-turn up the heat and force a turnover on “D” with a full court man to man or zone defense, set up for the game winning three-point shot while inbounding, and much more. ·
  • Game Modes: Players can choose from six modes of play: Exhibition, NCAA Tournament, Season, Conference Tournament, Dynasty and the EA SPORTS Maui Invitational. ·
  • New Dynasty Mode: Build your own program and compete for a spot in New Orleans by recruiting the nation's top high school players, developing coaching strategies and customizing your non-conference schedule. Build your school program into a national powerhouse and compete for a spot in the Final Four. Play your way into the EA Sports Top 25 by recruiting top high school players, setting your non-conference schedule and developing winning coaching strategies. Play in the EA SPORTS Roundball Classic and earn a chance at becoming an EA SPORTS All-American. ·
  • Coaches Council: 15 Head head coaches from12 of the top conferences assisted in helping design offensive and defensive in-game strategies along with providing styles of play and offensive/defensive tendencies for all of the schools in the game. ·
  • Gameplay Controls: Newly constructed game control physics will provide total control for the user.
  • Historic Shot: Drive to the hoop, stop and pop or pick and roll - you control the team's destiny.
  • Create-A-School: Create and customize your own school and put them in one of the top conferences in the country to see how they compete.

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