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ESPN College Hoops (PS2,XBox) Preview

Background Info

ESPN College Hoops

Ship Date:
Nov. 14, 2003

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The risky steal, the well-timed block, the buzzer-beater …mind-blowing plays in the final seconds holding every moment suspended in time. Tears, yells, chest pumps…every expressible emotion at its peak -- flowing through the veins of every player, coach and fan. Deafening chants, face-painted students, music blaring bands…unforgettable experiences sending all five senses into overtime. Tradition, pageantry, pride…the definition of college basketball. The moment, the championship, the legacy: ESPN College Hoops...real play, real emotion, real heart.

Key Features

  • ESPN Presentation - Step into every college game with a mind-blowing presentation—listen to Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick behind the booth as well as see detailed overlays that deliver nothing less than perfection!
  • Enhanced Legacy Mode - Create your own dynasty from the ground up, customizing everything from the arena to team schedules. Use assistant coaches to recruit year-round or suffer losing that prized JuCo prospect!
  • Authentic College Atmosphere - The only realistically replicated college environment with more than 100 mascots and fight songs, team specific chants and dozens of cutscenes that capture net cutting in the tournament, crazed fans and blaring bands sending every college moment into a frenzy!
  • ESPN Slam Session - The ultimate highlight! Take to the air and display above the rim talents in 5 different challenge modes such as Championship, Horse and Beat the Clock!
  • Create-A-School - Build a dynasty the way it should be ­ your way! Select from a multitude of options such as your team mascot, logo, team colors and memorable fight song! You even decide on the arena name, look, floor type and coach to set the stage for the next NCAA champion!
  • Campus Store - Take a stroll in the 3-D interactive store after completing certain tasks to unlock alternate uniforms, classic teams and fantasy arenas!
  • Total Game Customization - You now have the power to truly customize your game whether it’s adjusting gameplay sliders, such as shot percentages and ball handling ratings or editing any college player -- you decide what type of game you want to play!
  • Rivalry Mode - This is what college basketball is all about! Go up against your nemesis and play some of the most famous rivalries know to date: Duke vs. North Carolina, Arizona vs. UCLA, Kansas vs. Missouri and many more!
  • Compete Online! -Challenge friends and rivals across the nation on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft® with advanced online play!

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Buy from Amazon!

Buy from Amazon!

Buy from Amazon!