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MVP Baseball 2003 (PS2,Xbox,PC) Review

Publisher: EA Sports

Background Info
Last Updated: 3/19/03

MVP Baseball 2003 PS2 Review

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This is a whole new ballgame… knock the dirt off your cleats in the first season of MVP Baseball 2003, an all-new reengineered baseball franchise from EA SPORTS™ for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft and PC.

MVP Baseball 2003 incorporates a new pitcher/batter interface that will give players the opportunity to be more strategic with their pitching and batting. An all-new "picture-in-picture" on-base view will create an added dimension and strategy to baserunning.

Realistic stadiums and highly detailed player models and animations bring the baseball action to life like never before. Knock it out of the park with MVP Baseball 2003, the most authentic baseball experience on the field!

Key Features

  • New Pitcher/Batter Interface
    • Pitching - players must be strategic with their pitches. Throw a nasty curve to a batter's "cold zone" or risk a possible home run by throwing some heat to their "hot zone." Each pitcher will have more effective pitches depending on how accurate those pitches are in real life.
    • Batting - the quality of the hit will depend on each batter's real life "hot and cold zones," hitter ratings, swing timing and swing type. Look for a high, outside pitch to hit an opposite field fly ball to the corner or swing at a low and inside pitch to pull a grounder down the line.
  • New AI and Gameplay System
    Real-time scouting reports provide accurate player ratings and attributes. CPU opponents react like their real-life counterparts, incorporating strategy and decision-making based on outs, score, inning, pitch count, etc.
  • First Ever Picture-in-Picture Baserunning
    Revolutionary new picture-in-picture baserunning puts the offensive player right in the middle of the action even after the ball has left the bat. Control of the baserunners allows players to visibly determine whether or not to go for third base on a single to the outfield. On-base views let pitchers keep runners close to the bag.
  • Robust Franchise Mode
    Includes rookie drafts, player development, career-ending injuries, contracts and hirings/firings.
  • Home Run Showdown Mode
    Real-time head-to-head slugfests - battle against a buddy or a computer opponent.
  • Realistic player models and animations
    Multiple body types, player accessories and new head scans - MLB® players look and feel like their real-life counterpart.
  • All New Throw Meter
    Brings risk and reward into defensive play - hold down the throw button longer for harder, higher-risk toss. A quick tap of the button will execute a throw with less speed and more accuracy.
  • Major League Baseball® Player Council
    Expert advice and design input from leading MLB players: Torii Hunter, Trot Nixon, Todd Pratt, Eric Chavez and Tim Hudson.
  • Expert Broadcasting
    In the booth providing play-by-play and color commentary, San Francisco Giants announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.

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