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MLB 2001 (PSX) Preview

Publisher: 989 Sports
Release Date: March 2000

Product Description

MLB™ 2001 is here and you've never seen anything like it! Dozens of new camera angles, zoom-ins and cut-aways along with the legendary Vin Scully and ESPN analyst Dave Campbell in the booth, you'll be treated to the most authentic TV style presentation ever seen. New stadium graphics include all of the new stadiums like Safeco Field in Seattle, PacBell Park in San Francisco and Comerica Stadium in Detroit. New player models are scaled to their actual height, weight and body styles as well as featuring the actual player faces, right down to their facial hair. That means you'll see Mark McGwire's red goatee, The Big Unit's long hair, and Chipper's winning smile. An all new franchise mode gives you the chance to build your team into a powerhouse. All new Artificial Intelligence developed with the help from one of Major League Baseball's best managers. All this and more than 250 personalized batting stances and pitching motions work together to make MLB 2001 the PlayStation® baseball video game for the next millenium.

Key Features

  • All new Franchise mode where you will have to use your gaming skills and scouting ability to win games and earn points in order to sign big name players and build your team into a powerhouse.
  • All new A.I. from one of the greatest managerial minds in baseball today.
  • Two-man booth with Hall of Famer Vin Scully and ESPN analyst Dave Campbell bring the game to life like no other PlayStation Baseball game has before.
  • All new camera angles, zoom ins and cut aways to produce the most authentic TV style presentation ever.
  • Stadium models feature the new additions to the league including:
  • Safeco Field in Seattle, PacBell Park in San Francisco, Comerica Stadium in Detroit and Miller Park in Milwaukee
  • .

  • New player model incredibly detailed right down to uniforms with wrinkles and folds and even real player faces complete with personalized facial hair styles.
  • Make trades, sign free agents, release players or re-assign players to your Farm System.
  • Put yourself on the roster and play yourself into the opening day line-up.
  • Realistic animations including:
  • The signature batting stances of dozens of players, including Chipper Jones, Mo Vaughn, Jeff Bagwell etc.
  • The Homerun swings and celebrations of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa among others.
  • Double-play artistry of Nomar Garciaparra, Omar Vizquel, Rey Ordonez and Robby Alomar.
  • Unmistakable pitching motions of Hideo Nomo, The Rocket, Curt Schilling and many others.
  • Kenny Lofton's uncanny knack of robbing Homeruns.
  • Ken Caminiti and Robin Ventura charging the roller and making the throw on the run.

  • Every Major League team, stadium and player is featured.
  • Create a player and give him all the features you like. Make him a righty, lefty or switch hitter. Adjust attributes including performing in the clutch.
  • Try the Spring Training mode to win a spot on the opening day roster of your favorite team.
  • Select the season mode and guide your team on a journey to the playoffs and World Series.
  • Compete in the Home Run Derby to find out who is the modern day Sultan of Swat.
  • You can play as a GM. You can draft, trade, sign, release and place players on waivers.
  • Playing as Manager is also an option. You make the line-up moves and watch as the CPU plays both teams. A good manager they say is good for at least one run.
  • Watch as the CPU makes trades between teams. Also be sure to keep an eye on the trading deadline.
  • Total Control Fielding™ is back and better than ever. Fielders dive, throw from their knees, crow-hop, twirl throw, throw on the run, and make bare-handed grabs.
  • Total Control Batting™ returns as the best batting interface in any baseball video game.
  • More than 250 personalized batting stances and pitching motions.
  • More than 90 statistical categories for each player.
  • In playing in season mode be prepared for the injury bug. Players can go on the D.L.
  • Call up a hot prospect from your Farm System after he catches fire in the minors.

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