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MLB 2000 (PSX) Preview

Publisher: 989 Sports
Release Date: March 1999

Product Description






As we prepare to enter into the next millenium, last year's best playing baseball game on the PlayStation has moved into the 21st century. If you love baseball, come join Vin Scully along with Dave Campbell from the booth as well as the rest of your favorite players from the field in MLB 2000 from 989 Sports.

The first new feature you will see in MLB 2000 you won't actually "see" at all. You will hear it! You will hear the voices of Hall of Fame Broadcaster Vin Scully, joined this year in the booth by ESPN baseball analyst Dave Campbell. Together they call the game in true to life TV style presentation. In-depth player descriptions, stats and opinions recreate the ultimate MLB experience.

This year's new player models are some of the best ever seen in a PlayStation baseball game. MLB 2000 will display your favorite Major League players in unbelievable detail from the wrinkles and folds in their uniforms right down to their actual faces. For even more realism watch as players step to the plate in their own individual batting stances and make defensive plays just like they would between the lines. Players make diving and sliding catches, throw from their knees and blast the catcher at the plate.

The great depth of MLB 2000 has been expanded even further. This year if you don't make the big club out of Spring Training you can stay in extended Spring Training in hopes of getting hot enough to be called up. With the help of former MLB Scouts, this year 989 Sports will give you the chance to work as the GM and build your team into the next baseball dynasty. Gamers can create, draft, trade, call up, waive, release, and sign players as free agents. Keep checking the waiver wire and pay attention, as the CPU will generate trades between other clubs as the season progresses. Make sure not to miss the trade deadline. Utilize Scouting Reports and Player Ratings from real former Major League scouts, to judge the talent of your Minor Leaguers. Turn on the new Manager Mode option and utilize the Scouting reports to set-up hitters and position your defensive. Watch as your decisions play out while you call the shots. MLB 2000 has entered the 21st century, don't get left behind.

Key Features

  • New Player & Stadium Models – Incredibly sculptured 3D players scaled to their actual height and weight. This year you'll see uniforms that hang naturally with folds and wrinkles. You'll even see the players' actual faces. Wrigley Field features Waveland Avenue like you've never seen it before. Check out the Yankee Stadium memorials. Rob a Home Run in Arizona but watch out, don't fall into the pool.
  • Vin Scully & Dave Campbell – Hall of Famer Vin Scully joins forces with ESPN analyst Dave Campbell to create the best 2-man booth in PlayStation Baseball game history. Impeccable play-by-play and in-depth color commentary bring you the most realistic game call ever.
  • All New GM and Manager Play Modes – As the GM, gamers can create, draft, trade, call up, waive, release, and sign players as free agents. With the Manager Mode option on you can utilize In-Game Scouting Reports prepared by former Major League Scouts for on-the-fly stats warm-up relievers in the Bullpen and make Double Switches when bringing them in. With these new Play Modes you can build or manage your team to be the next baseball dynasty.
  • Fantastic Animations – Watch McGwire and Sosa go deep and celebrate just like they did while chasing history last season. Twirl Throw to second to start the 6-4-3 double play. Watch your second baseman make the turn and get dumped by the runner sliding into second. Your outfielders can go over the wall to rob Homeruns, make Diving and Sliding catches then throw home as the runner collides with your catcher. Did you hang on for the out or did your catcher get knocked out of the game with an Injury?
  • MLB Authenticity – We have over 90 categories of statistics per player and over 175 individual batting stances. We also have the expertise of real former Major League scouts, rating players' abilities and attributes down to the smallest detail. With such expert and authentic input, players perform just as they do between the lines. Mark McGwire chases his own record with booming Home Runs. David Wells strives for perfection on the hill, Tony Gwynn is a hitting machine and Rey Ordonez gets to everything.
  • Complete Roster Management – This year's stat engine rivals those of PC based Baseball games with very stat imaginable, from Batting Average against Left Hand Pitchers to RBI's in Night Games to Fielding Percentage on Turf. Scouting Reports, Player Potential Ratings, Create, Draft, Trade, Call-Up, Waive, Release and Sign Players as Free Agents.
  • Take Home the Hardware – Cy Young, Batting Championship, MVP Awards not to mention the Pennant and World Series™ Crowns.

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