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High Heat Baseball 2002 (PS2) Preview

Publisher: 3DO
Release Date: Spring 2001

Background Info
Make no mistake, High Heat 2002 is here to be a serious contender on the PlayStation2. We're aiming squarely for the top seed among baseball games with a deadly combination of graphics and gameplay (brains and beauty). To achieve this lofty goal, we've assembled a team of experienced graphics programmers and artists to design a visually compelling baseball engine. Mixed in with these graphics will be the gameplay High Heat is so known for. The game was originally designed with cross-platform portability in mind. Consequently, High Heat was running on the PlayStation2 within the first few weeks of development. All the things that have made the gameplay experience great on the PC will be in your face on the PlayStation2.


PS2 Unique Features

  • Extremely realistic ballparks
  • High-Detail Models: Up to 10,000 polygons per ballpark add up to an impressive level of detail for all 30 parks.
  • Realistic Texturing: Featuring the latest in rendering technology, our textures are high resolution, high color alpha-blended and mip-mapped texturing
  • Real-time Shadows. As the sun moves across the sky, our shadows shift across the ballpark, casting ultra-realistic shadows over the field and the players.
  • Interactive Crowds/Intelligent Crowd Excitement (I.C.E.). Ballpark crowds are the most realistic and responsive in any sports game, with unique animated characters, animated vendors and context sensitive reactions! Fans will even leave the ballpark if the game gets boring!
  • Vertex Lighting. Night games use advanced vertex lighting techniques to enhance the realism even further.

Detailed baseball players

  • Precise Models. Each player model contains up to 6,000 polygons. Complex geometry allows us the players to execute highly realistic motions.
  • Detailed Uniforms. Decals and team logos, striping and piping, and other important uniforms details are all there, with an accuracy never before possible.
  • Perfect Player Faces. At least 180 star player faces are directly in the game. Other players are represented as closely as possible using dynamic texture compositing.
  • Weighted Vertices. To retain the most true-to-life feel to the models during many complex animations, vertices near joints are weighted according to their relative position on each skeleton segment.
  • Over 1,300 Animations. It's the sheer volume of animation that lies at the very heart of the overpowering visual presentation.
  • Signature Animations. Over 300 special signature pitcher and batter animations for an unprecedented level of realism and accuracy!
  • Projective Texture Shadows. Allows a player's shadow to fall realistically onto other players, and over details in the ballparks.
  • Specular Highlights. True reflections add one more aspect of realism.
  • Varied Levels of Detail. Four different levels of detail allow the game to delivery the perfect amount of polygonal detail and still maintain high frame-rates.

More cool things…

  • Stunning in-game graphics and menus. With TV-style flash and dazzle, the in-game graphics and menus, have an exciting, next-generation look and feel!
  • Argue with Umpires. Mix it up with the umps, but don't go too far or you'll be ejected faster than Billy Martin on a hot summer day.
  • New On-Field Coaches and Managers: Base coaches tell your runners to stop, slide or wave them on through to the next base. Managers visit the mound to check the pitcher's status, help settle the pitcher down and/or stall for time as relievers are warmed up in the bullpens.
  • Jumbo-tron instant replays. Watching every replay on the jumbotron in the game adds to the feel of immersion into the real-life experience.
  • Working ballpark clocks. Clocks are one more little detail that hammer home realism.
  • Extensive tuning menu. Allows advanced players almost unlimited possibilities for customization.

Franchise Features
High Heat Baseball brings with it a long legacy of greatness. We're bringing to the PlayStation2 a large number of the features that has made High Heat the best-selling game it is.

The best playing baseball game

High Heat Baseball showcases the most exciting and realistic batter-pitcher match up of any video baseball game ever made. As the batter, you'll need to show great patience and bide your time until you get the pitch you want, because there's no reward for swinging at junk balls thrown off the plate. As the pitcher, your goal is to fool the hitter by changing speeds and enticing him to swing at a juicy breaking ball just before it dives into the dirt. Staying true to real baseball and delivering a fun, rewarding experience is what makes the batter-pitcher interface in High Heat so unique, and consequently the best of any video baseball game ever made.

  • The most accurate and realistic pitcher versus batter match-ups ever seen!
  • Life-like base running, fielding and managing
  • True baseball action - wild pitches, runner pick-offs, errors; even such details as manager mound visits, dropped third strikes and passed balls!
  • 6 game modes: Exhibition, season, playoffs, home run derby, batting and pitching practice
  • TV-style presentation with multiple camera views, and action-cam mode for up-close, in your face action.

The most accurate baseball game

  • The most precise and detailed team rosters with real MLB teams and MLBPA players who perform according to their real-world stats and characteristics!
  • All 30 MLB ballparks for the 2001 season (including PNC Park and Miller Park!), stunningly recreated in the highest level of detail yet seen in a High Heat game
  • All-star team selection, including all-star break during season play
  • Vast number of player and team stats, including historical stats for each year of a player's career - from the beginning! That's stats for over 1000 players!

The most flexible baseball game

  • Player editor allows you to modify players to be the way you want them to be! Create a new player based on family or friends!
  • Fastplay mode allows you to play a full 9 inning game in about 10 minutes! Perfect for the busy fan wanting to play a full 162 game season!
  • Multiple control schemes including “One-button” and “High Heat Classic”, or combinations!
  • Multiple roster sets for both the current and previous seasons

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