ESPN Major League Baseball (PS2,Xbox) Preview

Publisher: ESPN Games/Sega Sports

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ESPN Videogames has announced its newest sports title set to debut in Spring 2004 - ESPN Major League Baseball. Formerly known as the "World Series(R) Baseball 2K" series, ESPN Major League Baseball will deliver the exhilarating drama and heart-pounding action of the "Major Leagues." ESPN Videogames is proud to announce that New York Yankees(R) slugger Jason Giambi will be the official spokesperson and cover athlete for ESPN Major League Baseball. Providing players with the complete ESPN experience, ESPN Major League Baseball will feature two stalwart ESPN baseball veterans: Jon Miller and Karl Ravech. Miller, who is set to begin his 15th season on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, will handle the play-by-play duties on the virtual diamond, while Ravech, the host of ESPN's Baseball Tonight, will provide the in-studio analysis.

"Baseball fans instantly recognize the names of Jon Miller and Karl Ravech," says Greg Thomas, president of ESPN Videogames. "Jon is considered one of today's best baseball commentators and his voice instantly registers a comfortable warmth for baseball fans when they listen to him call the balls and strikes. Meanwhile, Karl brings a distinguished poise to his broadcasts for both ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter. Together, they bring a new level of ESPN integration into our game."

In addition to adding these two ESPN heavyweights, ESPN Major League Baseball will feature brand new ESPN integration elements to enhance the broadcast atmosphere. New television-style cut scenes and dynamic close-ups build the drama of the game. ESPN-styled wipes, overlays, the innovative K-Zone(TM) and GameCast are additions gamers will also see this spring. K-Zone is an exciting, exclusive visual tool integrated by ESPN used to visually create each batter's unique strike zone. GameCast is another innovative tool that gives the user an in-depth, pitch-by-pitch analysis of simulated games, and also allows the player to join in a simulated game in progress at any time. Developed by Blue Shift Inc., ESPN Major League Baseball is scheduled for release on both the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system and the Microsoft(C) Xbox console. ESPN Major League Baseball and other ESPN Videogames titles are produced by Visual Concepts - Sega's sports studio.