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All-Star Baseball 2005 Preview

Publisher: Acclaim Sports
Platform: Playstation 2, Xbox


Screens (4)

Screens (7)

FielderCam Tutorial

New to ASB ’05 is the camera that puts you in the shoes of the Major Leaguers, “FIELDER CAM”. With the fielder cam activated the camera follows the action of the fielder from a 3rd person perspective. As with the previous fielding camera the left thumb stick still maneuvers the highlighted fielder around. Now the right thumb stick controls the camera, in a fashion to mimic a fielder’s head movements. This allows the user the ability to run in one direction and look in another. In the beginning levels the fielder cam will start to move the fielder in the direction of the ball in an effort to assist the user in heading in the right direction. In addition, an arrow will also be seen on screen to assist the user. To get a better read on the height of the ball a set of rings will be on the field to not only tell the user where the ball will land but also the rate at which the ball is descending. As each ring disappears the ball is that much closer to landing. When mastered this really helps the user time their dives accurately.

Since the perspective of the field is reversed in Fielder Cam the user will also have the ability to adjust which button throws to which base. If you ever find yourself throwing to the wrong base go to the Fielding Options in the Pause Menu to adjust the Throw Style to REVERSED. This function will flip the infield buttons to give you a more accurate picture of the diamond as related to the controller.

Soon you will be getting nervous at the crack of the bat, as if you were really on a Major League Diamond. Fielder Cam truly is the most realistic fielding experience you can have without a glove on your hand.

All-Star Baseball 2005 Background Info
All-Star Baseball 2005 is the most realistic baseball simulation that’s easier and more fun to play. All-Star Baseball 2005 is packed with exclusive feature innovations and online head-to-head play plus the deepest franchise mode of any baseball video game.

Key Features

  • Exclusive new Fieldercam & Broadcastcam for the most realistic “between the lines” experience available

  • Analog Batting lets you hit for average and power with the greatest of ease;

  • Online Head-To-Head play;

  • All-new Franchise Mode includes Spring Training, Expansion Mode, Create-A-Team and random season schedules;

  • 2003 Scenario Mode (TWIB Challenge – This Week in Baseball) lets you relive or change historic moments from the 2003 MLB season;

  • Two-man commentary from Steve Lyons and Tom Brennaman and Spanish Play-By-Play by Oscar Soria, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ commentator;

  • Master All-Star Baseball 2005 with a video game play tutorial from Steve Lyons;

  • Over 80 fully animated stadiums including current MLB parks, legendary stadiums, Spring Training stadiums and fantasy parks;

  • Create-A-Player returns with all new textures allowing gamers to make their own MLB all-star;

  • Over 50 Hall of Fame and MLB legends including Yogi Berra, Willie McCovey, Nolan Ryan and Reggie Jackson, including more than 60 throwback uniforms;

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